10,000 to rally for polls reform on Nov 10

Discussion in 'Dashken' started by Dashken, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Cause many Malaysians still read the newspapers instead of going online to read the truth.
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    26 non-government parties? Wow, I didn't know we have this many...
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    I watched the videos on youtube until 4am. Damn... so sleepy now. :faint:
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    Now Badawi is indirectly warning the Agong not to get involved. Doesn't he know that the Agong just gave him the third finger by not only openly welcoming the rally but also accepted the memorandum? :haha: :haha:

    It's funny how our government can allow Khairy to disgrace our country by impertinently protesting outside the US Embassy when Condolezza Rice came over, and yet deny BERSIH the right to stage a rally. If that impertinent upstart can practice his "freedom of speech", why can't we? :roll: :roll:
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    I have a feeling they are going to lose big time.
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    The Khairy's protest and the Al-Jazeera's interview... I heard a lot nowadays. :haha:

    Yeah - they are a little bit more double standards, one allowing themselves to protest outside the embassy, and another part disallowing a normal, casual Bersih demonstration. :haha:

    I don't think I want to read the headlines later... all of the news are getting strange ever since after the demonstration. :faint:
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    Hmm.. Hard to say. The Election Commission is hard at work now, shifting voters around and adding postal votes of non-existent army and police personnel to help them win.

    Don't forget, it's first past the post. So, all they need to do is fiddle with the voters just enough to win a slight majority in each constituency. That is how they managed to get 90% of the seats in Parliament in the last election, even though they only won 65% of the votes.

    I think they will lose quite a few seats, especially in Chinese-dominated constituencies. I won't be surprised if MCA ends up fielding their candidates in Malay-dominated areas. It's a 100% certainty that most right-thinking Chinese no longer support MCA.

    UMNO can count on rural Malays to win them a simple majority. Unless they screw up and make them angry over bread and butter issues like a hike in petrol price, increase in toll charges, etc.

    UMNO also has MIC to count on. No matter how corrupt Semi Value is, many Indians still support him. So, I think it will still be an uphill task for the Opposition. Not like they actually have a viable leader... :think:

    Anwar's the closest thing we have to a real Opposition leader, but he's tainted for once being at the helm and yet not acting out against the corruption and cronyism prevalent in the Mahathir administration. The same corruption and cronyism he is now against? Funny, isn't it?

    With that said, a possibly corrupt (but repentant?) leader is better than an obviously corrupt AND useless leader at the helm... :mrgreen:
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    If they were to lose big time, then it's fair to say history will repeat itself. What not when they've been on top for the last 50 years? Suddenly you take it away? Gone.. :faint:
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    Hmm... a lil late, but we have some updates here... :shifty:

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