2013 Anniversary Trip - Photos

Discussion in 'Ishtim' started by Ishtim, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. DarKSeeD

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    Well, I was thinking via e-mail, archived (if you have a hi-res version). But I'll enjoy them here, in this post.
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    Let me check original file size... ~5MB (5184x3456) pm me your email and I can send. :)

    I tried to put it here as a ZIP, but it fails???
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    Wow...this is what I'm talking about... :thumb:
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    That's weird. I just checked the settings and we enabled uploading ZIP files and they can be up to 15 MB in size. :think:
  5. DarKSeeD

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    Hmmm, normally it should work (uploading files) but the forum is going slow again...anyway PM sent.
    Thank you.
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    We have this intermittent problem with the forum where it freezes up like crazy (very high CPU time) for no reason.

    We are considering upgrading the server. It's a very old server anyway... :think:
  7. Ishtim

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    So our 3rd day we sailed to nearby island of Lana'i, rented a Jeep and went sightseeing. What a desolate place... no more pineapple farms. We were told this island is owned by the "Oracle guy", you know... the guy that started that database company... :snooty:

    So we snorkeled, had a big breakfast, went and saw the "Garden of the Gods" (Moloka'i in the background...guess what's next?) and sailed back to Maui... I don't remember seeing the contrast in colors like the ones in the last pic. it was almost fake...

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