2014 - Anniversary Trip

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    We typically travel at least once per year to somewhere memorable. The planning usually starts during or right after the current trip.

    As for whale watching, it is "boring" unless you catch them breaching the surface which I have never seen in person. The shark dive was interesting, but too cold for me to get in the water despite the provided wetsuit. I stayed topside to take photos. And yes a CRT would have worked faster, but we were in no hurry... :thumb:
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    ...back to the trip... :cool:

    Next stop, was Motswari Private Game Reserve (our first safari).

    Our plane was late arriving, so we had lunch/hi-tea in a hurry and got ready for our first game drive (down select the camera gear ;) The wife took the 7D with f/2.8 70-200mm and I took the 5D with f2.8 120-300mm.

    :wave: Out of order pics... we checked into our room first (Geiger's camp, middle room), then tea, then game drive.

    room, late lunch, rover with tracker on hood, nearby watering hole with Hippos, and pic of room with mosquito nets for over the bed. Mini-bar on left :D

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    1. Elephant (bulls) playing
    2. Hyena checking out a fresh cape buffalo kill,
    3. courtyard at Geiger's Camp and
    4. our dinner setting, the
    5. eggplant, mozzarella stack,
    6. Impala (antelope) shank dish YUM!!!

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  4. Chai

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    Ours were abit different. They guaranteed to see the whale, or they will refund 80%. Our whale surfaced for longer than usual. About 30 mins if I'm not mistaken, so it was exciting and equally boring looking at the same thing for that long... :haha:

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  5. Adrian Wong

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    What does impala taste like? Beef? :D
  6. Ishtim

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    This whale watching was done from the cliffs overlooking the water. It's free and we saw many whales, but boring nonetheless... like you said (paraphrasing) "Been there done that and probably not do it again" :thumb:
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    I think it would mostly resemble lamb, but the way this was roasted with gravy it had a beef like appearance.


    Are those mums blooming? (the second photo)
  9. Ishtim

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    Sure looks like it. In the U.S. these are fall blooming flowers and it was spring in S. Africa. Could it be they were fake? :think:

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