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Discussion in 'BIOS Optimization Guide (BOG)' started by detoren, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. detoren

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    hello i am detoren i have a striker extreme motherboard but i have ati 4870 its a great card but i wanne create crossfire i have heard that there is a possibility to load bios from blackbird computer from hp is there someone here who can confirm that this works ?
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  2. g0tanks

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    I don't have a Striker Extreme but i've done some googling. You can download the HP Blackbird 002 bios here: Select software and driversĀ 

    Just flash it and it should unlock some extra features + CF compatabilty, although I think performance might not be that great.
  3. goldfries


    do check with forummer ianho, I think he did that before.
  4. detoren

    detoren Newbie

    k thanks mates i have done it and it go ok but the 5.06 cant work with e 8500 ? it say cant unleach full power it need a update but 5.06 is latest bios i coold find :( . but it work only processsor get hot :)

    nice news was i made backup of old bios and that was going ok i flached it back from bios flach02. so for future ppl it works :),

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