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    It's 2.30am and I can't sleep, still too furious over what happened today.

    So James and I went out with few other friends for some outings and we boarded a Metro bus from Old Klang Road to Pasar Seni. The bus was very packed and was filled to the brim.

    My brother, James and I were standing at the most back and there was certainly no seats available. While on the bus, I already told them to becareful of pick pockets and I myself took precautionary steps by feeling my pocket contents every few moments.

    Here is the part that you want to actually read.

    Then suddenly about 2-3 men began to push their way back around us at the same time in a very very aggresive manner (at first I thought they were the bus conductor collecting bus fares), squeezing through from the left and right and I was being sandwiched in the middle. I felt something amidst as they was definitely no more place at the back so why on earth are them moving back?

    I saw that one of them was trying to distract my attention by pushing through me on my left so that another person on the right can try to steal the contents from my pockets. However luckily for me I was wearing a shorts and the pockets are quite loose so if one were to put the hand in, it will definitely get stuck inside the pocket.

    Suddenly I heard James shouted "WOI, MY PHONE!" I looked back and I knew it's them, so I immediately asked "DO YOU STILL HAVE IT". Then he nodded and he said one of those men actually held the phone in his hand and when James snatched back the phone, he gave a sinister smile and said "I found it on the floor".

    Then I reminded everyone to check their pockets and then another foreigner infront of me went panic and started shouting "My purse! My purse!"

    I shouted "Those 3 people infront!" but by that time the bus already arrived at Pasar Seni and those 3 ****tards idiots (I really don't know what other words to use) already got down the bus and the poor foreigner found his wallet on the stairs with the contents emptied, not even a single thing in the wallet. It must have been the worst Raya celebration for him.

    So here's their modus operandi that I noticed.

    1) They target packed bus - obviously

    2) They work in groups of 2-3, one to distract you from left/front while the other pick your contents from the right/back

    3) They move into action only when the bus is approaching the destination so they can escape easily - so be extra cautious as the bus reaches each stations.

    4) If they were to steal your wallet, they would empty it and throw your wallet aside so that if even if you catch them with the cash it's difficult to prove that it's yours.

    5) They seemed to target those wearing tight pants i.e. jeans. Both the foreigner and James were wearing Jeans. I can only theorize that it's because the jeans pocket is tight that they could slide the contents out easily. I was wearing a pair of shorts with big pockets and if they were to pull out my wallet, the whole pocket may have flipped out as well, worst still their hand might get stuck inside. Also the foreigner put his wallet/purse at his back pocket, something which you might want to avoid in a public transport.

    I guess one way we can mitigate this is by having more buses on busy routes so that you don't get such a packed bus and at the same time the passengers will feel more comfortable.

    Okay you guys might now ask "Is it Chinese/Indian/Malay/Indon?" but does it really matter? I believe pick pockets exist everywhere but if that person has been a Malay/Indon, I guess it's a double sin for you to commit such crime on such a holy day.

    If they were Chinese, I believe in karma, you shall burn/perish in the 123981789124 level of hell.

    Just becareful guys.

    Please share this with all your friends and family members - I know you might think that "ah this is yet another story" but well, no harm in telling them about it.
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    Thanks for sharing! Will be careful the next time I go KL to find you guys... :mrgreen:
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    Thanks for sharing too. Many packed places in KL are such targets for pickpockets.

    Once my brother's friend lost her phone by a pickpocket too... a man just bumped onto her when walking and she realized that the cellphone went missing afterwards. :faint:
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    I remember reading about a similar case recently. I believe the girl managed to alert the other passengers and they caught the culprits. However, this blog post elsewhere makes me wonder if the police are not working in cahoots with these bastards :


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