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  1. buildcustompc

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    I'm new to the forum and I wondered if anyone could tell me what they've oc'ed a amd64 3500+ to? According to CPU-Z my cpu is a AMD64 3500+ Winchester 90nm, 512kb cache. Now i was reading a post that someone went out and bought a retail 3500+ and did not get a winchester I think is was a newcastle (excuse my stupidity if i'm wrong) and that the winchester was much better for overclocking. Is this true and what is safe? :D
  2. Chai

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    Overclocking is never safe. Do it at your own risk. There is no such thing as a safe margin. You have to find out your self how well it can do. If it crash, just drop lower. Simple as that.

    Yes, Winchester is better, but not necessarily.
  3. buildcustompc

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    AMD 3500+ CPU

    Thanks for your input! I'll see what happens.
  4. Majormaggot

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    "Stock is for Suckers!!"

    OC that thing n show us what ya got! :)
  5. Adrian Wong

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    That's the spirit!!!! :beer:

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