And Now, The One You've All Been Waiting For... Leian.

Discussion in 'Spotlight!' started by marauderz, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Leian

    Leian "Dai Sou"

    Correct. Come on: even girls surprise each other with what they think is romantic. :)

    I don't see a problem asking directly. But that too is really depending on the girl and the nature of your relationship with her. :)
  2. Zen

    Zen Das lässige Schwein

    er..note to u guys out there... i noticed that perfume was mentioned as one of the gifts for gals... but last time i check, people are advising against giving perfume as a gift due to certain belives... its not supossed to be good for the relationship.... correct me if i'm wrong...

    ok now... back to the interview :mrgreen:
  3. Leian

    Leian "Dai Sou"

    This is news. Interesting... More details please, anyone knows about this. :think:

    Yeah, so it's off topic. To paraphrase the song, it's my party and I'll off-topic if I want to! ;)
  4. Jet

    Jet Just Started

    Hello Leian.. :wave:

    Did you ever go to police station or jail?
    If your answer is yes, then why?
  5. Leian

    Leian "Dai Sou"

    Went to police station to report missing wallet. :( Was stolen! On a crowded bus! So do beware of crowded public areas, everyone!
  6. Jet

    Jet Just Started

    Poor Leian..

    So did the police catch the thief?
    I bet they failed..
  7. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    I'm so sorry to hear that... :(
  8. siddiq

    siddiq Newbie

    sorry to hear that! once a picpocket try to steal my moms purse by cutting the bag. my mom felt the pushing than she quickly swing her bag . than the picpoket ran :mrgreen:
  9. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    When I go to crowded places like Pudu bus station, etc. My hands will be all over my pockets, checking all the time. :mrgreen: Stressful... :haha:
  10. siddiq

    siddiq Newbie

    same here. :) :wall:

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