Any i7-3770K owners? Interested in compile metrics

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  1. graysky

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    I am considering this CPU and wanted to ask if anyone has this chip to run a linux-based benchmark for me. How long does it take your system to compile the Linux kernel? To make things easy, I tarred-up and pre-configured the linux source for v3.4.5 and am hosting it here. You may use a live Ubuntu CD 64-bit to do this benchmark if you are a non-Linux user. The advantage of Ubuntu here is that you don't have to install it to the HDD to run the benchmark. You can just boot to the CD and run Ubuntu "live" off the CD. Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit live CD, burn it to a blank CD, and boot to it.

    Once booted, get the pre-configured source tarball and decompress it. For linux newbs, using Ubuntu, click the icon on the left panel that looks like a black rectangle with a ">_" on it to open a terminal. and do the following:

    Now get some dependencies:
    Compile it using the time command to measure how long it takes:

    Note that the -j9 means you want to use 9 threads. Since the 3770 has 4 cores plus 4 hyperthreads, it is recommened to use 4+4+1=9 here. If you are running this benchmark on a lesser CPU please adjust accordingly. For example, a quad core with no hyperthreads should be 4+1=5 and a hexacore with hypertreads would be 6+6+1=13.

    Please report the output of the time command along with your hardware details. For example if you are overclocking the CPU or not, final clock speed, etc. Thanks in advance!

    My workstation results:

    Xeon X3360 8,5x400=3.40 GHz
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  2. Adrian Wong

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    Unfortunately, I'm still on Sandy Bridge on the desktop... :(
  3. Ishtim

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    I can do this if the NON K 3770 data will help you. :arp:
  4. DarKSeeD

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    Currently I have a 2500K and I'm going for the 3570K (I like lower consumption levels) as it's cheaper and from what I've seen so far the performance loss over 3770K isn't that big when OC'ed.
    I will gladly submit results after I install it.

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