Any ideas To Attract Gals?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by siddiq, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. jinongman

    jinongman Newbie

    oh... nice... :twisted:
    but athlon.. isn't that a good thing ?? :eh:
  2. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    err..i didnt said it is a bad thing :mrgreen:

    just to warn u :lol: :lol:
  3. jinongman

    jinongman Newbie

    haha.. thanks for the warning athlon..
    but i don't think i need one..
    cuz that's exactly what i want to happen... :p
  4. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    ahahhaha.. :lol:

    eh, we better bck to the topic lah...if not later on police come :shhh:
  5. TungstenBoy

    TungstenBoy Newbie

    yah...topic is how 2 attract girls..... :p :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
  6. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    french kiss can attract girl? :nuts: :mrgreen:
  7. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Kissing using tongue is good exercise. :thumb:
  8. athlonxp

    athlonxp Newbie

    i know :thumb:

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