Any new MMORPG's out there?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Eldanor, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Eldanor

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    Just like any cheapskate looking for fun , conditions are free and fun. duh? maple story/ro wouldnt be appreciated thank you...
  2. aKho

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    try flyff, fly for free... :mrgreen:
  3. Max_87

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    Isn't it Fly For Fun? :think:
  4. diabolik

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    Try Archspace: <-- this is the manual

    The game resets this weekend (05-Nov-05), so everyone would start from scratch. For easier and more relaxing learning, I would recommend playing Targoids or Xerusian at the beginning, although Xeloss is super powerful and deadly.

    If u are intested, let me know, I'll guide u through the game. Although it's textbased, but the fleet battles are with Java applets, so u'll see alot of action.

    At first glance, it might be a too simple game, but there's alot of factors that affect the outcome of the war, so it's takes a while to be a master of the game.

    Basically, it's a Research tech, train commander, build ships, attack other players to grab planets (resources), then research better tech, train better commanders, build bigger and better tech ship, attack other players again to get better resources.

    the game runs in real time, sort of like Utopia or Earth, but at a much faster pace. there's no such things as storing turns. U set directions, and as each turn pass (atm it's 5 mins per turn), your action will be executed. so u won't lose a single turn, because the turn is run on a real time basis.

    Resources is measured in planets, planets comes in 5 size and 5 level of resources. Huge, Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny (size), Ultra Rich, Rich, Normal, Poor, Ultra Poor (resouces level. So from the look of it, u would know Huge Ultra Rich would be the best, while Tiny Ultra Poor would be the worst.

    On each planets, there's 3 types of building that you can build, namely Labs, Factories, and Mil bases. Labs speed up your research by contributing more RPs, Factories help u get more income and build ships fasters, while Mil bases pays for the upkeeps for your fleets.

    Besides the size and resources, there's other attributes that affect the planets, Massive Artifacts means that for each labs that you have on that planets, research are close to 2x more than the normal planets, Intense Volcanic Activities would means more golds per turn.

    If this attracts you, you can add me on MSN and I'm more than happy to guide u through the game. my msn is [email protected]

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