Anyone having fun with the classic mini nintendo's?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Trinity, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Trinity

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  2. Chai

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    Did you hack to upload more games? :wicked:
  3. Trinity

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    No, I'm going to keep my first one stock. But since I picked up the first one on launch day I have scored two more by going to Best Buy once a week for about three months and finally one day they had three of them.:dance: I bought two and left one for some other lucky person.:angel: Going to keep one new in box. And the other one might someday get hacked if I can get over my fear of bricking it.:think:
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  4. The_YongGrand

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    These SNES mini are pretty good stuff!

    Back in the days my cousins had a Super Famicom (it's SNES but on Asian region), and they had some really good games to come with. They even had that floppy disk adapter too! (not official Nintendo product)

    If you have trawled around the taobao or eBay, you might find some handheld clones which plays NES games: RetroMini / Coolboy RS-90 / GBA Clone thingy - Got mine. Don't like it • r/Gameboy

    However the emulation is pretty spotty as all we know it!

    In the meantime, I'm actually porting an NES emulator to a smaller 32-bit microcontroller (MIPS M5150, 200MHz, only 512K RAM), it almost worked, but left the controller part only as I am now working on getting the NES mini controller clone to function! Unfortunately, the emulator I have ported doesn't work with all NES games, and some of them have garbled graphics and some refused to work due to the emulation of the specific mapper wasn't present. I got simpler games like battle city to work, but I wouldn't expect Castlevania to even function at this stage!

    I'll be putting this to my personal github - I hope someone can give me some feedbacks (good or bad) on it since I had been doing it on and off since 2015.
  5. The_YongGrand

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    Talking about 16-bitters, I have personally had my hands on Sega Megadrive. Back in the early 90s, anyone who has this in their homes are pretty much "accomplished". And also, I've heard many debated on which is better - the Sega or the Nintendo.

    I have seen some really violent games like Mortal Kombat series which went well together with the MegaDrive, but not on the SNES. Due to SNES being a family-oriented console, the game has been watered down (no blood, but only 'sweat').

    I even saw my cousin's playing a Sega Nomad back in 1995. I can't afford any of these back then, so we end up just watching my cousins play the hell out of them! I had seen a Sonic and "some game where a guy jumps over cars in a traffic jam beating up bad guys".

    In the meantime, even during the decade, NES/Famicom was still popular. Here we had these multi-carts, and shitty bootleg games which had really bad music and graphics. The entertaining part is to watch them in Youtube and read the commentaries!! :haha:
  6. Chai

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    SNES was definitely a 'better' console back then with huge collection of great games. I had the SNES version, but we have to remove the 'notch' in the cartridge slot to allow Famicon style cartridges. There was Mortal Kombat on PC, so I didn't miss much. :haha:

    The floppy disk adapter was basically a pirate machine, and it's very expensive back in the day. I remembered it was RM1000+. That's a lot of money back in the 90s, it was 3 times the SNES base console.

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