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Discussion in 'Spotlight!' started by Ishtim, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. digitalvoice

    digitalvoice Newbie

    Looking forward to it! :thumb: :beer:
  2. Mad1

    Mad1 <b>Old Toad</b>

    Now that's what I call a nice and well maintained tank. :beer:

    Not those with plastic plants or one huge empty tank with just one big fish swimming around. :snooty:

    Is that a Red Eye Tetra? :mrgreen:
  3. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Ah... Mad1 and his fishy expertise :D

    anyways.. WHOA Bestia... that's one super home you've got there!!!!! Would love to have something like that sometime in my life :thumb:
  4. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Thnx. :D
    Somehow all sorts of wood are still the number one furniture material here, but I like that. ^^

    No, sorry no snowballing cuz she can hit me 100 times it's ok, I dare to hit her one time and ... man, she's getting really upset. :roll: :D ^^
    Skiing, yes, but I'm more into riding some snowboard.
    Sadly I can't do it this year cuz the leg still needs some resting from such extreme sports. :?

    Nope. :haha:
    I like greens but I dun like working on them. ^^
    She does. :mrgreen: ;) ^^

    Btw. .. it's somehow rude of me to call her just "her and she" all the time :roll: .. so for you to know, her name is Patricia. ^^

    Oh, completely safe.
    Well, of course in the bigger cities (LOL, I guess you would not call them big but small ^^) you'd always be able to find places not safe at night, but in Austria you really have to search for them.

    To clear this out .. there is only one nationality Austrians "officially" dun like .. Germans. :haha: ^^
    Well, it's something 'bout our both "history" in the first place, but I guess we're just somehow too similarly. :D ^^
    Ppl here do like and dun like Asians at the same time .. I mean they just dun care.
    If you're Asian, African, Chinese, Indian and so on, ppl dun care.
    If they like "you" they do, if not they have their own reason (but it would not be your look or nationality in the first place). ;) ^^
    And to have mentioned it ... Austrians, or Europeans in general, are very very good in Geography (cuz they are interested in).
    If you'd ask them, I'm sure 9 out of 10 would know where, for example, Malaysia is. ^^
    Hopefully our US friends dun get it wrong, but we're not like them in that case. Most of them I know are confusing Austria with Australia for example. :doh: :roll: ^^
  5. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Thnx. :D ^^

    Nope. ^^
    We've only got some Mollies, Guppies, one Otocinclus (Dwarf Suckermouth) and one other sort I dun remember right now ... :think:
  6. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Thank you! :D ^^
    I dunno how expensive it is to build/buy a house over there but usually you would do this only once in life .. so I'm looking forward to see you and Leian with a full load of kids in front of some beautiful house in the future .... :mrgreen: :D ^^
  7. Jeremy

    Jeremy Black Sheep

    Damn, you look like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with that beard. :D Anyway your house packs a good view and I would give anything for a weeks worth of stay at your place and an unlimited supply of fridge raids. LMAO!

    Note: Nice interview Ishtim, as always. :mrgreen:
  8. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    You'd just have to come over, anytime you're welcome (but you have to pay for your tickets by yourself of course ^^). :D ;) ^^

    Btw. .. just a new set of images.


    [​IMG] < Danube sunrise .. we're living only 5 minutes from it

    [​IMG] < Just some drivethrough next to the Danube

    [​IMG] < Hill after hill after hill .. ^^

    [​IMG] < On my way to the biotope

    [​IMG] < Our house in the woods

    [​IMG] < Just an old farmhouse, renovated to celebrate some parties there





    [​IMG] < It's all so quiet, I'm loving it ^^
  9. Mad1

    Mad1 <b>Old Toad</b>

    :shock: :shock: :shock: beautiful man. :beer:

    You need a horse :wicked:
  10. Mad1

    Mad1 <b>Old Toad</b>

    Well I dont know man but the one in the pic looks like a tetra to me :think:
  11. digitalvoice

    digitalvoice Newbie

    So calm & such beautiful landscapes.. :shock: :shock: :thumb: .

    VERY, VERY NICE!!!!! More pleeeeaaaasssseee? :pray:
  12. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Wow... Austria is now definately on my to go list :D :thumb: superb landscape!
  13. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    Nice !!!! :thumb: :thumb:
  14. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    I suddenly wanna visit austria... :shock:
  15. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster


    That would be real wildlife, yeah.
    But I'm not into riding. :mrgreen: ^^

    Sorry, I really dun know.
    Have to ask for it .. ^^

    There will be more, dun worry. ;) ^^

    Well, I guess you'd be able to find something superb (if it is landscape or building or ..) in any country in the world.
    I'm just happy that I've only to go outside to see something like it every day. :mrgreen: ^^

    Thnx. :D

    So .. two hours since then .. still not here? :mrgreen: ;) ^^
  16. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Too bad touring Europe is a lot more expensive now... :(
  17. Bestia(ry)

    Bestia(ry) Mac'ster

    Cuz of the Euro or cuz the Ringgit is no longer bound to the USD? :think:
    I'm asking because prices here did not raise lately.
  18. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Still hitch hiking.... :haha:
  19. Leian

    Leian "Dai Sou"

    :shock: :cool: A 'full load' sounds quite heavy....

    May I say, 'after you'? :wicked: since you've got a headstart with the house and Patricia and all. ;)
  20. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Wow.. That's a really nice house!! :shock: :thumb:

    It's what we would call a bungalow over here. Very expensive. :mrgreen:

    Most houses here are terraced (bunched up like sardines) or built all the way up (condos and apartments).

    Man, you have a really neat house! Is that your work? Or that of your missus?? :wicked:

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