As Promised - The BIOS Optimization Guide Revision 7.1!

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    Sorry for the long delay everyone! But I'm sure this update will be worth your wait!

    The new BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 7.1 will feature 12 additional BIOS options as well as 5 updated BIOS options!

    Here are the <u>new additions</u> in Rev. 7.1 :-
    - AGP Always Compensate
    - AGP Drive Strength
    - AGP Prefetch
    - AGP to DRAM Prefetch
    - CPU to PCI Post Write
    - P2C/C2P Concurrency
    - PCI Prefetch
    - PCI to DRAM Prefetch
    - S2K Bus Driving Strength
    - S2K Strobe N Control
    - S2K Strobe P Control
    - SDRAM Trrd Timing Value

    And here are the <u>updated</u> BIOS options :-
    - Act Bank A to B CMD Delay
    - AGP Drive Strength N Ctrl
    - AGP Drive Strength P Ctrl
    - Write Data In to Read Delay
    - Write Recovery Time

    Click here to access the new BIOS Optimization Guide Rev. 7.1!

    Important Note - The BIOS Optimization Guide is protected by an anti-leeching mechanism. So, please check your firewall settings. If you are using Norton Firewall, please turn off Browser Privacy. If you are using ZoneAlarm, please turn off Cookie Control and Ad Blocking. Otherwise, the page will keep reloading itself.

    There will be another update coming up soon (currently working on it!) so if you know of a BIOS option that has not yet been covered by the BIOS Optimization Guide, please feel free to post it here! Just remember to follow the instructions posted there! :)

    Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the new Revision 7.1 BIOS Optimization Guide!

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