asus P4S800 - USB boot..?

Discussion in 'Processors, Motherboards & Memory' started by antivista, May 26, 2006.

  1. antivista

    antivista Newbie

    does anyone have any experience in booting windows xp via USB from an "ASUS P4S800" motherboard..?

    i assume a new bios is needed as there is no boot option for usb in my bios version (1005)... does anyone know whether the latest revision 1010 supports booting via usb..?

    i've visited the asus website, however i can't find any info that answers my questions...

    anyone have any url's, info or solutions..?

  2. davida999

    davida999 Newbie

    p4s800mx se usb boots ok

    i experienced the same issue. i updated to the latest bios from the asus site. still didn't boot. then i put the usb pen drive in the usb 1.1 port. there's four ports on the back , i used the set in the middle between the printer ant the ethernet , just two usb's by themselves. when i booted with a pen drive inserted and went straight into cmos setup i found that my lexmar pen drive was present as a boot device and booted straight away. playing doom from the pen drive , ha, classic ... p.s. i don't really think i needed to update the bios ...

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