ASUS S-presso SFF System Review Posted!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. akwasin

    akwasin Newbie

    tv-tuner in windows

    thanks 4 the help earlier

    otherwize,, does anyone got a program that u can use the tv-tuner with when in windows.?

    winfast PVR doesnt work, says it cant find a video capture device (?)
  2. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Try another AGP card... And try your AGP card in another system. See if it's even working. :think:
  3. dt34

    dt34 Newbie

    Hello, first post here. Read through all the pages already, and got myself a good deal on the S-Presso.

    I noticed that my BIOS is ver. 1004 and that a newer version is out 1007. Does anyone know what the added changes or benefits are to the new BIOS?

    I tried flashing to the new BIOS with no success with the Asusupdate software, am I doing something wrong or is there another technique to doing so?

    Also, I like the features of Instant-On, but occasionally I like to play a few games and the integrated graphics isn't going to work. I know that by adding a AGP card, the Instant-On will stop working, would it be ok if I bought a reasonable AGP card and install it each time I decide to play a game and take it back out when I'm done? Is it possible to keep both in and switch the video in the BIOS and switch the monitor cable rather than to take the AGP card out each time?

    I appreciate any help.

    Intel P4 2.8 Prescott
    Kingston PC3200 512MB RAM
    WD 160GB Hard Drive
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hello dt34,

    It's listed on the BIOS download page at ASUS. Ver. 1007 apparently has only one update :
    - Fix codec AD1888 recognition problem

    But it's possible they fixed some other things in the new BIOS. You can always try it out. If you do so, you might want to keep a copy of the 1004 BIOS just in case you want to flash back to 1004.

    If you can't flash using the ASUSUpdate software, try the tried and true old-fashion BIOS flash method -

    Hmm.. I think that's going be quite a lot of hassle... :think:
  5. ChrisM

    ChrisM Newbie

    I have had good success installing the Instant-On software and then my OD (win2K). But when starting Instant-On from the front panel, Instant-On does not boot up in 5-10 sec. It takes about 30 sec. to boot up and goes through all the post/bios steps that take place when booting up the OS. A 10 sec. bootup would really be great if I could make that happen. Anyone have any ideas what I did wrong ?
  6. tseah

    tseah Newbie

    The AGP card is finally working! Ok, but now I have another pressing question.

    Should I even install the INSTANT ON software, now that I have installed an AGP card? I know INSTANT ON doesn't work once you install an AGP card, but does it provide additional functionality once you are booted into the OS. Specifically, does installing INSTANT ON allow you to use the touch panel and remote control while in the OS? Or is the touch panel and remote control features totally gone when you add an AGP Card? Any suggestions?
  7. akwasin

    akwasin Newbie


    NO to everything u've just asked

    i really hope they come up with a updated verison or something like dat of instant on cause its a really crap-pgrm
  8. dt34

    dt34 Newbie

    Your "NO" isn't very clear in regards to his question.

    I believe from what I've read, installing an AGP will render the Instant-On useless, but I believe that you can still use the front panel buttons and the remote when using the Asus Media software once booted into the OS.
  9. akwasin

    akwasin Newbie

    my fault then, i'll ad

    instant on didnt work for me until i'ved intall OS

    but removed the partion containing instant on

    remoteC functions still works
  10. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie

    Cooling off the spresso

    I am struggeling with high case temp, ususually around 35-40'C. So I am thinking og adding a bigger case fan .

    Typically for these small boxes, and the circulation in this box is bad.

    The two small exhaust fans are hardly moving any air at all.

    Im going to remove CPU fan , replace it with a 90-120mm powerful case fan that will move more air, and still be silent.

    What do u think , I only have a celeron CPU.

  11. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Swapping the case fan should not be a problem. Go for a bigger but slow fan if you are looking to keep it silent.

    But I don't recommend you remove the CPU fan. Passive cooling just won't cut it, even for a Celeron. UNLESS you have a really good passive heatsink.
  12. zend

    zend Newbie

    After seeing the spresso 112 base model at work, it has been discontinued and the price for a new one is $150.
    I have been looking to upgrade from my semi-loud full tower to a smaller very quiet type pc. I was looking at a mini pc type, such as the spresso, or maybe just an antec sonata case.
    I have 2x1GB ram, 9800 pro and 300GB diamond max sata, and was planning on putting a 3.4
    northwood due to heat and power consumption reasons in this spresso. I read on a review linked to from this site that the audio was somewhat weak when hooked up to a home stereo receiver,
    i hook my mobo soundcard up to my receiver using the 1/8 inch jack. What do you reccommend i do?

    Should i go for the spresso with 3.4 northwood......9800 pro and try to risk the heat and power usage, and reported weak sound?

    or should i go for a small quiet tower and get a motherboard/cpu
  13. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie

    What is the preffered case temp(s) in SPRESSO ?

    My spresso is working at 40'C or more , and I think this is to high, will try to get the temp in a 30-35'C range.

    Is my 40'C case temp normal , is the Boc designed someway yo handle this temps ?
  14. mauritx

    mauritx Newbie

    My experience about spresso

    Hi to everyone It,s very nice with a spresso forum. I was searching a lot before I found this great forum.

    It's my experience about my spresso.

    I get a asus spresso deluxe that with the touch panel and the was very easy to put allt the part together, very easy. But to take of the from panel was not so easy the instructions suck. I almoust brake off the front panel before I knew how to do. the other part like the cd, procesor, memory and hard drive was very easy to mount. Every thing was working fine after I put all toguether. My cpu temperatur is allways arround 42 degress. But is quite warm in my rum about 24 degrees so meavy is no so strange that the cpu and the the chassi temperatur is arround 40 degrees. The asus is very quite and beautiful design.

    This is the worst with the spresso.
    - No fireware input.
    - No TV-Out ouput.
    - Instant on don't work if you have another video card or sata driver.

    I think that is very stupid to do a HTPC that you usually use in combination with your Home theather system withaut TV-out. what the f..k asus people was thinking about? Yes you have the possibility to put a agp video card with tv-out but the instant on function will not work. Ussually people buy this modell because the instant on function. Very stupid.

    I buy a asus A9200 SE/T video card and I was expecting that instant on could work but not. :(

    Ok it's a lot of information in my first post but I was so exciting to found a spresso forum so I opologize.

    My inglis is quite bad so I sorry too for that

  15. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    well, there's actually not any space left for both cpu and a case fan on the right side. On the left side, my card/graphigs-card will prevent any air movement.

    THe fan will anyway, replace the position for the CPU fan , and blow heavily air out from the box and also in the CPU-cooler.

    I intend to let one bif fam do all the work , than many small ones.

  16. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    I think it's really the hot powersupply thats making the box a "pizza owen" , I read about a mod where a man separated the powersupply from the rest of the case components, avoided further heat transmission in the case.

    Getting this powersupply external would really help the internal-temp, i think.

    What about putting a fan in the top, dragging the heat up and out, heat is going upwards, right !!!

  17. akwasin

    akwasin Newbie

    asus dj

    just read about Asus Audio Dj on

    its for the newer asus barbones and htpc, any one that know if its possible to get it seperate.?

    as instant-on was a minor flop in my eyes i hope that this audio dj should be working better/upgrade.!
  18. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, that would be a good idea. :mrgreen:
  19. rich

    rich Newbie

    I got myself a S-presso p112 two weeks ago, and noticed the high temps myself. The high temps of the PSU seems to be related to a problem in the design of the s-presso. This problem relates to the blocked air-intake of the PSU. The two 6cm fans in the back and the two grils covering the 7cm PSU fan, are significantly blocking the air-intake of the PSU making airflow inside the PSU almost impossible. To compensate for this problem I replaced the two 6cm fans in the back for one quiet (6x6x1,5 cm) papst fan and I cut out the grills of the bracket holding the PSU in place and the grills of the PSU itself. Untill now this interventions seem to have helped to lower PSU temps.

    Other problems I faced were the heating problem of the intel Mb cipset (865G) and my 3Ghz prescott P4 CPU and of course the loud CPU fan. I was able to replace the fan on the CPU heatsink for a more quiet one, but this lead to increased temps of the CPU, so I went out and bought a zalman CNPS 7000-CU CPU cooler.

    After installing the Zalman heatsink the noise was significantly reduced and temps dropped about 15 degrees C (Q-fan enabled). Because the zalman has a downward airflow, the Mb chipset (865G) is now also cooled extra. Before the temperature of this component was high enough to cause pain when touching. Now this not the case any more.

    So now my S-Presso is exactly as I wanted it. Low temps and quiet! :dance:

  20. ysury

    ysury Newbie


    Hi guys...
    I just bought a new S-Presso from Taiwan. Mine has no firewire in the front panel :(
    Now, I got problem with the linux Instant-On. I follow the steps from the manual, about how to set-up the BIOS.
    I can enter the first menu of Instant-On (which is to choose the language). However, the second menu is the problem. I always receive a message error, telling that, either I have not enough space of HD or I have an incorrect ID number.

    I found that Asus' Singapore provide an update for Instant-On, which is version "GM7". Anyone knows about this?

    My "accessories" are:
    320GB SATA WD
    1GB kingstone memory
    Celeron D 330, 2.66Ghz

    Do I have to make a partition first (200MB for Linux in the very back part of HD), or the Linux will make the partition for itself?

    Does anyone can help my problem?
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2005

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