ASUS S-presso SFF System Review Posted!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    To be honest, I think that Instant-On is a load of takes so long to initialise that one might as well just boot into Windows which works better overall anyway - I wouldn't buy this machine if I had my time over....sorry fella's but that is my opinion after all this huff and hair-pulling!
  2. mininmanic

    mininmanic Newbie

    thas a fair comment.
    ah well see what happens.
    i'll let you know.

    btw if is linux has anyone tried to write code for new cards?
  3. aeon

    aeon Newbie

    I think that instant-ON is more quick that case of me, the Instant-on show the TV image after max 10 seconds after I push the button (remote or tuch sensor).
    I have Celeron 320D, 1x512 DDram, 80 gb Maxtor HDD, Sony DVD
  4. Dolphin

    Dolphin Newbie

    S-presso's TV card (ATI TV Wonder Pro/Conexant) and Linux (MythTV)

    This card now has colors under Linux (Fedora Core 4, cx88xx driver). Just turned the "Watch TV" on and was pleasantly surprised - colors! A while ago it only worked in black&white (that's what other people could get out of that card, too, according to Google). It looks like the Linux drivers for the card were updated. The system is running on kernel v2.6.16-1.2069_FC4. This is the TV init line in my /etc/modprobe.conf:

    options cx88xx card=5 tuner=44
  5. kaiyanwang

    kaiyanwang Newbie

    Some thing with my remote

    I have got some trouble of my remote, sometimes in windows xp it shown as unknow device ,then it also not run in instant on.I open the box plug and push the cable , the remote return in both instant on and XP ,but after another reboot
    It's also shown as unknow device in hardware list .Is it a hardware error or software conflict .I am use windows xp SP2
    no other special software and add on device installed on my S-presso Box, anyone has exprence of this?
  6. aeon

    aeon Newbie

    i don't have this problem, but have another: if the computer is off, when work with the remote from a panasonic tv in the same room, in most cases the pc turns on and boot directly in the windows. :)
  7. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    S-presso tripping/rebooting itself


    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing their S-presso tripping out, i.e. randomly rebooting itself every hour or so?

    I recently REMOVED the internal PCI TV Tuner...and added an AGP NVidia 6200 256MB passive cooled Video Card and KWorld 310 USB TV Tuner (installed Windows MCE 2005 which is way better than that Asus Home Theater!)

    All was fine for about a week until 2 days ago when it started rebooting like this?

    I wouldnt have thought the power drainage with these new units would be very much, especially seeing as I removed the original internal Tuner and left the backplate open for extra ventilation?

    My system specs:

    250GB Samsung IDE
    3.0GHz Prescott/800FSB
    2x256MB 3200 DDR Corsair RAM
    MCE 2005 Remote
    MSI Webcam

    Many thanks for any feedback

  8. Dolphin

    Dolphin Newbie

    It sounds like a PSU overheating issue to me.

    Prescotts are very power-hungry and produce a lot of heat, too:
    Maybe you would be better with a little lower power CPU on a PVR box? A plain 2.4GHz P4 is here, and I saw no speed problems with this setup - I can watch a pre-recorded video, while it captures/encodes a new one from a TV tuner without internal MPEG compressors.

    It could be that by leaving that hole open you have actually screwed the normal ventilation, and now the airflow doesn't reach some of the box' places, escaping into that hole instead, creating some local overheating in those places. Try to cover it and see if it would improve the situation. "More holes - better" is not always a right way to have a good ventilation.

    Also feel for the air's temperature that your PSU blows out, it might hint you if it's overheating. And while at it, check: didn't you accidentally put the box too close to the wall, obstructing the PSU fans?
    Last edited: May 26, 2006
  9. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    Thanks Dolphin

    I actually put a new 2.4GHz/533FSB Celeron 256k cache CPU (also Prescott core apparently) into it and it is not tripping out anymore - I dont think that the PSU is powerful enough for a 3.0GHz/800FSB to be honest. However I am noticing a bit of lag in MCE 2005 now, not much but it is annoying when you have previously had none! ;)

    The temperatures are around the same anyway, maybe 2-3 degrees cooler which isnt all that much in the grand scale of things.

    Thanks for the tip - Asus said my 6200 graphics card was generating too much heat??? This is like one of the lowest spec cards on the market with a passive cooler so I would hate to think what an average spec Fan cooled VGA would do to this machine!
  10. eitano

    eitano Newbie


    I have an Spresso CPU heat issue (3.2E),
    CPU heatsink & Fan changed to Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu,
    The heat of the cassis is lowered 15c to: 30c +/-
    CPU temp. still is 66c - 80c+!?
    Back fans are making alot of noise - working full speed!
    Q-fan disable does not change anything.

    Any idea anyone?
  11. Hampa_d

    Hampa_d Newbie

    hey guys, i had my spresso since the launch and never used the firewire port bu now i got a 3g ipod and need to do so. but i can makeit work the pod dont come up on my computer, and im thinking that its the firewire that need drivers but i dont got any. could someone help me please
  12. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    What operating system are you using? Windows XP fully supports Firewire.
  13. Hampa_d

    Hampa_d Newbie

    yeah thats what i thought but i cant for the love of my life get it to work. so i bought a usb cable wich for some reason drains my ipods battery in 10 minutes while transfer files. i have no idea what to do.
  14. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    Hi Hampa_d!

    There is no firewire in the S-presso - the front port is simply there but not physically present on the motherboard!

    ...perhaps they were contemplating it on a version 2 or something, or the generic plate was just manufactured with the option for one for other manufacturers?
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  15. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    PS. My S-presso still trips out with the new Celeron (not as frequesntly but it still does) ...I am convinced it is that PSU not powerful enough to cope with a fully populated machine including USB devices such as a USB digital TV tuner!

    After all this hassle I am finally selling it, 2 weeks ago built myself a beautiful XP MCE 2005 (+ MCE remote) "Silverstone Sugo SG01" with proper components like:

    AM2 3200+ CPU
    Asus AM2 MicroATX
    430W Silent Seasonic PSU
    1GB Corsair DDR2 667MHz
    etc... is only a tiny bit larger, cost almost the same, quieter, more apeasing to the eye and it runs like a DREAM! ...if you wanna do something properly, build it yourself! ;)
  16. eitano

    eitano Newbie


    Is it possible to connect in the S-presso a long cords external silent 350W+ PSU 2 supply:
    3.2GHz CPU
    GeForce 6800(2 molex conn.)
    2GB RAM
    etc. ???
  17. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    Hi eitano

    I thought about doing the same thing but after thinking about it why the h*ll would anyone want to have a big lumpy PSU sitting externally to a beautiful micro sized case (excuse my brazen attitude ;) ) ...also if you look at the mobo connectors they are proprietary - you could try to remove the wires and re-use that bracket/plug from the original PSU but if you want my opinion, get rid of it and build your own media PC to your personal requirements (and stay away from proprietary Micro parts, use generic standard sized PSUs etc because they are built to the necessary power specifications of todays components - this is why I went for the Sugo as an example..the only small part is the MATX motherboard, but this is generic enough not to bother me as it will never be an SLI machine etc.)

    This is of course my opinion, others may beg to disagree!

    PS. Also you have the HEAT issue with the S-presso, it is not really designed for efficient heat extrapolation and that VGA card will turn your S-presso into a coffee bean roaster!
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2006
  18. akwasin

    akwasin Newbie

    strange fron display

    great things been said here but i have a question ,,

    have any of u had a problem with the front display.?
    like its blinking n the different lights for tv/vcd/dvd/photo/ n son on blinks in a random order.?

    the smaller display to the left (volume n temp.) was fading in n out

    i turned of my cmp, removed all connects, then reconnect n ran instant on, then MCE again (using winfast program) n it was back 2 normal except that the larger display is not showing any signs of life
  19. ti33er

    ti33er Newbie

    If you have reinstalled and reseated everything it sounds like that front panel is defective, probably needs replacing imo... good luck with Asus :thumb:

    PS. There is a BIOS Flash available from what I remember, try that if you havent already?
  20. akwasin

    akwasin Newbie

    removed the cables n so on, restarted the computer n tested differant modes in asus front panel program so its ok for now but it has a tendancy to blink every other hour, thanks anywayz

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