ASUS S-presso SFF System Review Posted!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. cjunky

    cjunky Newbie

    S-Presso & MCE


    unless anyone else has some bright ideas, ive just about reached the conclusion that the spresso is not compatible with MCE 2005.

    Installation seems fine, but once complete the system is left ina state where you are unable to install any other drivers, as any attempts to run installers such as install shield fail with a message similar to

    "The install shield engine could not be launched"

    guess its xp professional for me now....

  2. tobes

    tobes Newbie

    Can anyone explain how to get the TV-out to work?

    I first plugged the cable into the s-video on the TV-card, set the TV-standard to PAL B (also tried G, both should work in Finland I think.. :)) and set it to boot with TV..

    Do I need to do anything else? I get picture in the vga, and no picture in the TV.. ideas?

    Doesn't matter if I use Instant On or boot to Windows XP Pro.. still the same result, i.e. nothing.
  3. Koen

    Koen Newbie

    tv out & agp with instant on

    There is no tv out on the s-presso. On your tv card you only have a video in connection. The only out is vga. So you'll need an agp card but then Instant-on doesn't work anymore. No luck. I found on a french forum someone claiming that his asus MX4000 agp card works with instant on. My nvidia based MSI card doesn't work with instant on (as specified with the yellow sticker on the box).
    Very curious if the asus mx4000 really does work, that would be worth considering. Maybe if someone can get his hands on such a card to give it a try, I think many people would be interested.
  4. gary2511

    gary2511 Newbie

    not impressed

    Hi all,
    Firstly excellent review thanks.

    I have just bought an S-Presso and am far from impressed!

    Firstly Where is the TV-out ? I presumed as this is a media player it would have one by default. I never read this site till after I set it all up and had to go back to the box to find the yellow sticker which had been covered by packing tape from the mail order company from which I bought it. If I had seen it I would have sent it straight back.

    What use is a unit designed to go next to your hifi if you have to throw your 32" LCD tv out? my tv is wall mounted and has cmposite leads coming back to where my old DVD player was sunk in the wall. I bought a 14" tft for the setup so I could browse mp3 etc. but did not realise it would become my main display!

    I would be very interested to see if this Asus MX 4000 card works witht the instant on

    secondly all the specs on the asus website say it has 2 epansion slots an AGP (which it neglects to tell you is 100% useless as it cannot be used if you want to use your s-presso as it was intended) and a PCI slot for which I ordered a wireless network card with my other bits. (again it neglects to tell you it is already in use) so this media centre does not have facilities to connect to a network via wireless without crappy usb items and messy wires and it has zero expansion capabilities out of the box.

    Thirdly instant on (average 19 seconds on by my calculations) does not work properly, It works after a fashion but sometimes I press skip track forward and the thing boots to PC??? from the remote or the touchscreen??? and another thing, The main reason I bought it was for all my mp3 so my wife can use it to play our music collection without having to use a PC but even that is crap. The radio signal is crap even with an external arial and when you browse throught the mp3s the font is to big so you cannot see everything. If you have an album where all the tracks are named with the artist then track name in that order then only the artist fits on the screen and you cannot distinguish the tracks.

    overall most disapponited and if I cannot get a TV out card working with instant on soon it will be on Ebay with all the other stuff i do not have a use for.

  5. gary2511

    gary2511 Newbie

    more rambling (SORRY)

    Oh yes and while I am having a moan

    Instant on does not work with the usb keyboard i bought at the same time (another item for Ebay) it just hangs untill you go and buy a PS/2 one

    and has anybody else got this problem? the system clock seems to lose about 45 minutes every hour even when in pc mode??????

    so not only is it useless as a media player its even crap as a clock. I have to explain to evrybody oh ignore that it does not work properly.

  6. Koen

    Koen Newbie

    instant on

    Actually I considered Instant On from the start as a gimmick, it would be nice if it works but I would not consider it a strong criteria to choose a pc. As I wrote before in this forum: a consumer product can easily replace instant on. I am quite happy with the s-presso becuase of the form, the small screen, . You can place an all-in wonder or something like that in the agp so that your pci is free. Just take the 10 extra seconds to boot into windows and take any software you like (mediaportal, showshifter etc) make your windows log in automatically and start the program automatically. That is what I want to do. The only thing I am still searching for is how to program the pc to boot. Now you have to go into the BIOS to set date time something you do not want to do each time you turn off the pc. If someone knows how to do this please let me know.
    You should have bought the digimatrix instead. No expansion slots, but has audio dj to play mp3 without booting and has all you want (dvi, hdtv out, wireless). I had one but now replaced it by s-presso
  7. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie

    my life with the spresso

    Hello people

    I own the standard editions of s-presso.
    I installed a new CPU celeron to it , else I used my old parts.
    I m very happy with it, but I blowed my on board video-card (from the service-poaple), it don't want to complete the post test.

    From now on I will use a external video card in the apg slot, and not depend heavily on the onboard video system, in case I destroy it again.

    I also saw that spresso missed a floppy, there is connection points at he mainboard, but no contact soldered to it, I don't dear to do that.

    My friends wandered if the spresso was a tool-box !!!!! :nuts:
  8. SSS

    SSS Newbie

    Hi All,
    When my machine properly worked I put a VGA card (Gigabyte 9600Pro) to it what the XP had
    realis! ed. After the hardware installation the machine worked properly, but it switched down twice,
    without any reason. The temperature of the CPU was 48C and the house temperature was 44C after
    an hour. I run the PC Probe program but it didn’t detect any voltage ripple. I installed the latest ATI
    driver program (Catalyst 5.3). Since this installation the S-Presso don’t run and it works only in stand.
    When I switch on the S-Presso it beeps 3, none beep , after then it beeps three again,and agian. :wall:
    The CPU and the house fan spin at the maximum speed. :nuts:

    Did anyone else have this problem?
  9. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie

    yapp mabe

    Hi my problem was kind a similar:

    I had a bluescreen.
    When I restarted, I had 1 long + 2 shorter beep.

    When i hit the start button:

    * FANS where put to 100%

    nothing else happened.
  10. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    The service -pepole ment it was the mainboard, and they gueessed the on board videio was destroyed. 1 long + 2 shirt beeps , means video error (hardware or bios).

    thanks for input
  11. SSS

    SSS Newbie

    beeps signal

    It beeps 3 long,whithout CPU there is no beep, but funs spin at the maximum speed.
  12. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    Are you shure the first beep, is not a little longer , sir ?
    looks like exactly the same problem.

    I suspect bios error or video error. But how to uppgrade bios when the PC is not making trough post test :wall:
  13. SSS

    SSS Newbie

    All three beeps equal long.Shure
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2005
  14. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    Manual states you can intercept the POST test , by holding the delete key down, have you tried this ? (im not not able to try it at the moment).

    Anyway to renew BIOS without passing POST ?

  15. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie

  16. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    I think spresso uses AMI BIOS. The maual describes how to reset BIOS-> You take out the battery, move a jumer, and back...

    thanks again
  17. desteef

    desteef Newbie

  18. desteef

    desteef Newbie

    Which Partition

    I tried to mount the InstantOn partition on Linux, but i discovered that it is partition type 88. Who knows how to mount this partion under Linux or WinXp ?

    Maybe i have to edit the partition type. I can hardly imagine that Asus has developed her own partition type :shifty:
  19. rolfeilert

    rolfeilert Newbie


    I think this espresso is going back in. If this error is a weak point in the construction, I guess i chooce something else.
    Not my cup to tea.
  20. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    all equal long beeps sounds like it's memory related. Reslot them in and see?

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