ATI R600 : What It Means To Us

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    As we approach the day ATI reveals the R600 VPU to tech journalists all over the world, the Internet is rife with speculation about the VPU and the cards based on it. Are the rumours anywhere close to the real thing?

    We put forth our own opinions on what the R600 VPU means to us, the gamer. Will the R600 be everything we wished for? Or will our long wait be in vain? Read on and find out what Empire23 thinks.


    Link : ATI R600 : What It Means To Us
  2. tashkavarish

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    Nice hardware, bad software, and ow my ears.

    quote: I don't know why they didn't choose to use the cooler on the Radeon X1950 XTX instead.

    Probably because it's nowhere near quiet. I have it, and regret it.

    It's fine for the most part as long as you're in 2D desktop and etc.

    Start any 3D for more then a few minutes, it heats up and spins up. Drowns out 6 case fans from 2 PCs side by side! A crossfire system would be insane, add a 3rd one for 'Ludicrous speed!'.

    I've thought about getting that Thermalright replacement heatsink but frankly a video card just doesn't last long enough.

    Oh and I agree about the buggy driver part, mine seem to randomly swap to/from 2D/3D clock speed = very unstable performance.

    The biggest fault is that control center, I wish they'd use their Firegl control panel for all products, or at least, as an option over the CCC.

    I got the 1950XTX being fed up waiting for R600. As it stands, I'm most likely to fetch an 8800 GTX or Ultra if only to not see the CCC for at least 6 months.
  3. Needhelp

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    The way i see it, we don't really need a Dx10 card at the moment. ATI delayed the release will not affect currect games. So we can still wait not unless you don't own a computers and really needed one must get Nvidia G8 series. As for the graphic cooler isn't it the manufacturer can choose to change to a different cooler. Example like asus or leadtek.

    Have you seen DailyTech say about R600.

    Ps: I join since 2002 but my post is 36. Reputation/power = non-existant
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  4. Adrian Wong

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    IMHO, it's one thing for ATI to be late with the R600. But if they are late and yet ship it with drivers that do not work right, lots of users are going to get really pissed.

    AFAICS, the CCC is pure rubbish right now. It's causing more trouble than it's worth. ATI should junk it until they get it working right.

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