ATI Radeon 9800 To FireGL X2 Hard Mod Guide Posted!

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Can't afford an ATI FireGL X2 workstation graphics card? Well, don't let high prices stop you from enjoying the great performance that all FireGL users are experiencing!

    Earlier, we covered the soft-modding techniques, which unfortunately may not work for everyone. So today, we will take a look at how you can hard-mod your Radeon 9800-series card into a full-fledged FireGL X2 workstation card!


    Link : ATI Radeon 9800 To FireGL X2 Hard Mod Guide!
  2. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    i have tried the hardmod on my 9800 pro 128MB.
    after that i have done the bios flashing to firgl x2.


    the firegl drivers wont install, because they tell me that they found no firegl device.
    Another info: the ati drivers found no working device and so i use the forsage 5.4 drivers with "firegl [email protected]" instead.

    could it be that the hardmod failed?
  3. DanaG

    DanaG Newbie

    I want to do this mod so I won't have to use really old drivers, but unfortunately, I don't know anybody who is capable of soldering such a rediculously tiny component! Anybody know where I could find someone who can do that? Just tell me the general type of business.
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  4. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    soldering was very difficult.
    the smd resistor is so tiny that after i soldered him out of the first position i had great problems to see him again.
    after that i tried to test him with a multimeter to get his ohm value. so i have those tiny needles --->[=]<--- around him.
    it was like this: i was able to see a value on the multimeter, but ................... after that i gave to much pressure to the needles that the smd resistor just rotates somewhere in the air, and belive me even if i looked in this moment right to the resistor (i only felt it) i wouldnt have seen where he makes his "salto mortale" around me.
    this moment was a great change of my day mood. i think before i felt like i had no geat challenge :cool: , i have good soldering skills :cool: (even if it was my first try of doing smd soldering), and my heart was beating like a one from a buddha :cool: ,
    but after i realized what happened my heart was near my knee ball i think and was beating like a diesel engine.
    yes, aaaa like a diesel engine.
    but for a certain moment i thought that if i stay cool i would find him immediately,
    but that was only for a certain moment.
    so i began fo search with my eyes, ....5min....10min.....(while not moving to keep the posibilities to a minimum)....15min and i found him ( i think the mathematical possibility to find him with the dirty of my room was 1:200000000 minumum!)

    so with this success i thought that nothing can stop me from soldering that tiny monster. :cool: ya, the shitty proundness of the thought.
    this was the most difficult part. i think i spent 20 minutes on it.
    it is so difficult to hold that tiny think down, while soldering one end.

    bla bla bla, so what i am goint to tell is: :arrow: it is not easy, so grab a buddha out there (with a maximum of 2 heart beats per minute, who does not make any extra motion, neither from thought or phisical) who has great smd soldering skills.
  5. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    2nd try to solder. and i think now i made it right because i i had the chanche to messure it with a multimeter
    the firegl driver wont install
  6. DanaG

    DanaG Newbie

    After the hard part of soldering (I could never manage that tiny component) you have to modify the device ID in the BIOS file. If you want to keep TV out, I imagine you'd have to mod the stock Radeon BIOS (using something like RaBiT) Device ID, rather than flashing a true FireGL bios.

    Now, how do I solder that? Waah, it's tooooooo smallll! :shock: :pray: :wall:
  7. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    one day after my first try(who wasnt successfully) i think i tried it 6 more times.
    What happened:
    1st try : as i told in the previous reply
    2nd try: same as 1st try but a second time
    3rd try: i connected the tiny smd resistor to small wires to the connection points(that i have the can messure with my multimeter if i connected the smd correctly[ -> i messured the right resitance])
    4th try: i tried it with the wires a second try but i shot the resistor -> so i searched for an replacement and found it on a old SCSI adapter(it was a bit bigger :) ) and connected it with the wire method to the connections.
    5th try:i found that i killed the resistor near the orginal one (right from him) and replaced it with the wire method.
    6th .7,8th.???.try: i tried different connections with the resistors.

    so and here is my study of my tries:

    before everything the adapter ID was: 4e48

    1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th try:

    i think in all tryes the resistance for the pipelines(right one) was killed becouse everytime i got an ID beginning with 41xx
    so the position of the right resistance changes the first two letters no matter which BIOS
    in this tries the driver wont install

    other tries:

    From windows you can see the right ID (which you gave by the BIOS)but i think it was in the flashrom program, there you can see two ID´s. one is the id given by the BIOS and one is the ID given by the resistors.
    with my fast changeable solution i tried different ways.
    as in your tutorial:
    you need a hardmod to change the second ID to xx48 that the card identifies as a FireGl x2


    mine has now all two ID´s at this value: 4e48 => FireGl X2
    and i can install the drivers without any problems
    but i have no FireGl features!! :beer: :dance:

    (the smiley´s should be sarcasm, and aaaah sorry for my bad english)
  8. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Have you tried testing its performance?
  9. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    The driver doesn't install properly? I think it's the bios :wall: these bios are most probably modded bios, try to get the original ones and give it a try again.
  10. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    @Adrian Wong
    yes, for my case( i work with XSI ) the render time was a bit faster but the working in wireframe or shaded mode was not so good as before (this is the thing i need more than rendering, ans so i use it as before as a 9800pro).

    i used the Tyan FireGL x2 bios for 128MB cards from your page
  11. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    Have you tried any other alternative bios images?
  12. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    no, but i know no other bios for "9800 pro 128MB Samsung RAM" to FireGL X2 128MB
  13. DanaG

    DanaG Newbie

    I believe the proper device IDs for the X2 are 4e4B (primary) and 4e6B (secondary). Perhaps you can just use rabit (Radeon BIos Tuner) to change just the device ID. If it succeeds, please tell me what the newer FGL control panel looks like.
    Now I just need to get my card soldered.
  14. xysdf

    xysdf Newbie

    thank you very much. i tried it one more time, i used the same bios file, but redownloaded everything one more time, also i downloaded the previous drivers (8.062...) which sould work in another tread
    and success
    yes, xsi rendering is now i think 2x times faster.

    so i dont know what the point was. maybe it had to to with the bios files???
    or the drivers??
    i wont try other drivers in the near future(never touch a runing system )
  15. iklo

    iklo Newbie

    9800 to FireGL: resistor spec needed

    Does anyone knows the resistivity of that tiny resistor that has to be remounted to modify 9800 to FigeGL? I lost mine while doing the modification (it just snapped from the tweezers).

    Thanks for your help.
  16. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    Hi iklo,

    No idea, but I think you can get away by soldering a similar size/looking ones back on the PCB :haha: That was what I did when I lost mine :mrgreen:

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