Automatically Logging Into Windows XP

Discussion in 'Reviews & Articles' started by Dashken, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Dashken

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    Despite Microsoft's relentless efforts in promoting Windows Vista, Windows XP is still going strong and is unlikely to go away anytime soon. So, here's a really useful tip for those of you who are still using Windows XP.

    If you are one of those who have always wished you do not have to log into Windows XP manually, here's a simple guide on how you can get Windows XP to automatically log you in everytime it boots up. Just follow the simple steps and you will no longer need to do so.

    Here's a quote from the article :-

    Link : Automatically Logging Into Windows XP
  2. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

    another way to access User Accounts is to run "control userpasswords2"

    I'd suggest you add an alternative way to autologon as well. There's a utility called TweakUI. It has an autologon feature under Logon > Autologon
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    I've been using the TweakUI to do this.
  4. SkylineRemix

    SkylineRemix Newbie

    so if i use this method for my comp, what are the procedures when i want log on with vista?

    To be exact, i would set XP as a default OS while vista as a secondary OS and log in when neccesary. Both OS will be on the saem drive, just different partition.
  5. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

    I don't really understand what you mean. It's two different OSs so each of them have their own settings on how it logins. TechArp's article should be able to be applied to Vista as well :thumb:
  6. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    yup. I've also been using TweakUI to do the same thing for a long time already :D
  7. ChampionLLY

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  8. lee_what2004

    lee_what2004 Just Started

    this autologon didn't work well with Lock My PC.
    If your Lock My PC lock before logon and you activate autologon, you will just need to wait for several minute,
    and then press cancel, you will be able to logon the windows :p
    Lock My PC will turns out be useless :haha:
    other than that, I find nothing wrong with autologon :rolleyes:
  9. Lacus

    Lacus Newbie

    Hmm, i though TweakUI from Microsoft always allows AutoLogin? Used to use that in XP..Any idea how to Autologin in vista :D
  10. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

    if u guys have installed those "xp tweaking" external software, then its best u enable the feature thru the software instead.
  11. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    Interesting tips in the article and on the thread as well :thumb:

    I have been running Vista Ultimate X64 SP1 for 3 days now and actually quite happy with it. Haven't had any real issues but most of my hardware is also brand new. It manages memory well and of course uses the extra memory XP can't .. its fast :mrgreen:

    Will keep trying it out I am thinking at this time I might install Vista only on this machine when I get my new SATA drive. I will still run XP with Ubuntu 6.06 server on my old machine which is now a dedicated server.
  12. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

    Tweak UI isn't Vista compatible as far as I know, but you can follow the User Account trick outlined in the article. I works on Vista as well :thumb:
  13. werty316

    werty316 Newbie

  14. ChampionLLY

    ChampionLLY News Writer

  15. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

    The SMP client of [email protected] requires that the Username you're folding under have a password... something about verification. :think:
    Most people don't like putting passwords because you have to manually login after every boot, but that's because they dont know the autologin trick. :thumb:
  16. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    What about Vista?
  17. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    AutoLogin in Vista? With or without password? :think:

    I thought Vista all also AutoLogin? No? Weird... without password, I only encountered the Login screen when I wake up from sleep for Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. Vista HP and Vista HB all also auto login. :think:
  18. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Auto Login with password. I know it's possible to set to auto login from the User Account, but I'm not sure if it disables the password.
  19. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Just wondering. If you guys want to autologin (with password), then why not just disable the password? :think:

    Because if you are able to autologin (with password), then the password doesn't serve its purpose anymore.
  20. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Not true. If I don't set a password, I cannot use Remote Desktop.

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