Aztech 605EU firmware flashing problem!

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by danny54, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. danny54

    danny54 Newbie

    Hey there fellows..

    Well i am stuck in a really bad situation. I have a Aztech 605EU ADSL modem. It was running perfectly till i upgraded its firmware (from modems own upgrade page at // My misry started when the electricity went out during the upgrade process.

    After the power went ON, my modem's Status Light stuck at red (previously it wld turn green after 3-4 seconds). I realized that firmware within is definately corrupted.

    However, i learnd on TECH ARP that TI REMOTE APPLICATION can be used to flash the modem. I did and luckily it worked. Modem allowed access to h-tt-p i was able to surf the internet

    The problem is that when i restart it again (second time after flashing and uploading via TI APPLICATION), the modem again goes to bad state, status light stuck at RED. That is, the modem cannot retain the firmware. It looses it after second restart.

    My guess is there might be a problem with setenv.txt file. May be its not setting the configuration to retain the firmware. Can anyone of you guide me what should be the parameter values in setenv.txt file. Also i dont have a ".bin" file with me for the firmware of 605EU. I only have the ".img" file from AZTECH website and i only uplaod that to modem.

    CAN any one guide me through this mess. Your feedback will be highly appriciated.
  2. ianho

    ianho Newbie

    After reviving it with the TI app, why dont u use the modem's own upgrade page to flash again?
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, you should be able to reflash the firmware using the modem's firmware upgrade page like ianho said.

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