Aztech Homeplug?

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by The_YongGrand, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. The_YongGrand

    The_YongGrand Just Started

    Oh man, heard that this Aztech Homeplug thing is quite famous and this nifty device uses the powerpoints as the network.

    My friend is considering about it - but these won't EVER work because Homeplugs won't work on extension plugs - they want the powerpoint/socket. *Sigh*

    Have you tried one before? :D
  2. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    It's nice and easy for a network that's meant for simple network connectivity, such as enabling internet access to any part of your home. However, the connection rate is slow. 10MBps? or was it slower? And since setting up a wifi router/access point is rather cheap these days, why not consider WiFi-G instead? 54MBps and also wireless as well.
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. Need to Google up on it but I think it only supports a single peer-to-peer connection and is limited to about 11mbps? :think:

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