Baby With Brain Tumour Facebook Scam

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    You may not be aware but Facebook has its own currency, and it’s called Likes. It’s so powerful that many Facebook Pages try to get more of it through deceit and lies.

    One of the most common ways is to post a picture of a child or baby with a disfiguring ailment and tell people that Facebook is donating $1 for each Like, $3 for each Comment, and $10 for each Share. If that’s not enough, they will try to guilt-trip you by saying that if you ignore it, it means you don’t care about the poor child or baby.


    Here is a recent example used by the DAWAT E ISLAM Facebook Page to garner Likes. It uses a picture of a baby with a large tumour on the left side of her head...

    Read all about it @ Baby With Brain Tumour Facebook Scam

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