Backdoors Found In Bitlocker, FileVault and TrueCrypt?

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    Yesterday, Marauderz and I had a discussion about disk and file encryption, and the topic of backdoors came up. Someone mentioned some time ago that Bitlocker has a backdoor for the NSA or law enforcement guys to use. I cannot remember who - it was probably one of the many conspiracy theorists I came across - but I remember he mentioned that he saw a PowerPoint presentation of the backdoor, or something to that effect.

    Marauderz being Marauderz, immediately tried to look for the PowerPoint file online but couldn't find it. I wanted to prove that I wasn't bullshitting (if it doesn't exist, well, blame the guy who told me!) so I went scouring for the proverbial pot of gold, even though I haven't actually seen it before.

    After a full day of looking everywhere, even in the darknets of Tor, I finally found what I think that guy was talking about - a PDF printout of a PowerPoint presentation that claims that there is a backdoor in Bitlocker. It even confirms that major cloud storage providers were scanning our content for illicit materials, which was something many of us already know. In fact, CNBC reported just two weeks ago that...


    Link : Backdoors Found In Bitlocker, FileVault and TrueCrypt?

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