Best CPU cooling options (WS - Dual Xeon)

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    I am looking for the best way to cool cpus in my build - 2x Xeon Haswell EP/EN v3, case: Corsair 900D. Divided it into two main categories:

    -Water (custom wc, kits, all in one)

    I decided to go with two All in one water coolers and found best companies which are making those products:

    Siftech - 2x H220-X, H320 (too big has to be 240 mm)
    Corsair - 2x H100i, H105, H110 (too big has to be 240 mm)
    NZXT - 2x X61 (too big has to be 240 mm)
    CoolerMaster - 2x 280L (too big has to be 240 mm), 240M
    Thermaltake - 2x 360mm Water 3.0 Extreme (too big has to be 240 mm), 240 mm Water 3.0 Extreme

    I know that You will advice to buy top notch air cooler like Noctua, Phanteks or Thermalright but i want something not so big and higher ram sticks. I also won't be building cutom water cooling.

    From All in One coolers i choose: Corsair H105. I've read that Swiftech AiO is the best but i really don't like design of it.

    There any other better options?
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  2. Chai

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    If you are not overclocking since you are using Xeon, stick to good air coolers. They are just as good, and far less complex which means less reason to fail.

    There are many decent air coolers from Noctua and Thermalright.

    This will resolve the problem that you have in the other thread.

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