Best Motherboard Maker.

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Which The Best Motherboard?

  1. MSI

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  2. ASUS

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  4. Abit

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  5. Epox

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  6. DFI

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  7. Soltek

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  1. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    haha.. i vote for epox.. compared my epox 8RDA3+ to dfi lanparty nf2 ultra, it has the same features and almost identical bios setting.. and the most important thing, it is more cheaper than dfi.. :mrgreen:
  2. luqman

    luqman Newbie


    same for me too :cool:
  3. goldfries


    i like Epox too. love the 8RDA+ and 8RGA+

    now i'm back to ABIT. i prefer my ABIT NV8 over my DFI NF4 Infinity.
  4. jamotto

    jamotto Newbie

    mine's not even on the list :doh:


    next motherboard will have to be a different brand though :(
  5. luqman

    luqman Newbie

    i like AROCK they have all these cool features :rolleyes: :roll:
  6. goldfries


    Asrock you mean?

    :) odd choice......... but hey, who am i to say odd choice when i choose ABIT over DFI. LOL.
  7. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Any particular reasons? :p
  8. goldfries


    oh me? LOL. actually i think i should rephrase my statement. IMO DFI is now king of OC mobos but some how i find their boards are pricey.

    i prefer my ABIT NV8 over my DFI Infinity NF4.

    reason #1 : my DFI refuses to run on 220mhz++ with 2 sticks of RAM, my ABIT works like a charm with 2 sticks of the RAM at 220mhz++
    reason #2 : ABIT allows me minor vcore jump

    i think it's really difficult to say who is the BEST mobo manufacturer. ABIT, ASUS, EPOX are the 3 main brands in my goodbooks. DFI is the latest, MSI....... always looked at their mATX budget boards only, but had their KT4V as well - decent maker, i heard they're using better capacitors nowadays.
  9. Johnbob

    Johnbob Newbie

    Best Mobo

    INTEL Mobos though not overclockable are the MOST ROCK SOLID, STABLE right out of the box usable mobos made. Granted they don't make a mobo for and AMD processor but for an Intel processor its the only brand to buy.
  10. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    the D975XBX no longer follows the tradition. It's overclockable, and it comes pre-modded with mosfet sinks :thumb:

    still, i wouldn't buy ATI powered Intel Desktop Board.

    only intel chipset. I just don't trust ATI.
  11. werty316

    werty316 Newbie

    Based on what boards I have used which consists of EpOX, ABIT, MSI, and Asus I voted for MSI. The K8N Neo2 Plat was one sweet OC'ing board.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2006
  12. Shorter

    Shorter Newbie

    Wow.. really no Intel fans ? :)
  13. ZuePhok

    ZuePhok Just Started

    whats the point of being a fan of Intel, AMD, or any computer manufacturer? I don't see it. it's not like they care about you. they just want your $$$$$$$$$$$...
  14. Shorter

    Shorter Newbie

    Well I dunno. What's the point of life ? it's mostly pointless unless you really want to make a difference. Come right down to it, you really want to have a goal. But being a fanboy is.. I suppose it's part of growing up. I think people try on many roles to see what fits. So all the fanboyism may be part of that. In the end, it may be that nothing matters and all hardware are the same. But wow, wouldn't it be a boring world if that was the case.

    Yeah, it may be that nothing matters. Whether it matters or not though, it's still fun :)
  15. slugbug

    slugbug Newbie

    I have used Asus, Abit, and Gigabyte boards, and have to admit my favorite is Asus.
  16. flight46

    flight46 Newbie

    MSI gets my vote

    I've had ASUS, EPOX and MSI boards. All treated me very well. Must admit that I especially like the MSI best though. Rock solid, great site and help when/if you need it.
  17. Kalo

    Kalo Newbie

    I have to take Abit as my number one motherboard, with ASUS coming in at a STRONG second, and Epox finishing at a solid boards imho. :D
  18. rogue_tomato

    rogue_tomato Newbie

    I've been an ABIT user ever since I built my first comp, and I've had 3 since then, and have loved every one of them.... stable, great quality, and good O/C potential, great features, and a good price. I've heard the more recent ABit mobo's have been lackluster, but I haven't had the need to upgrade until recently... make mine ABIT! ;)
  19. Prototype

    Prototype Newbie

    Definitely have to go with Abit on this one. Never had any Abit boards i've owned die, and i've also heard some very good things from other people who have purchased that brand.
  20. So true!!! :haha: :haha:

    But what a party pooper!!! :p :haha: :haha: :haha:

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