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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards & Displays' started by lizieirerj, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. lizieirerj

    lizieirerj Newbie

    I have a Radeon 9800Pro 256mb/256bits BBA, i see the guide to mod into a 9800xt, my radeon have all same as xt.

    Which bios i have to download, a bios from ATI(BBA) or a bios from Hercules (because i see this bios is most popular).

    The guide that i read is Radeon 9800 Pro To Radeon 9800XT Mod Guide Rev. 6.0 (
  2. m0dD3r

    m0dD3r Newbie

    I followed that same article about a year ago and I actually used the BIOS from Sapphire and one from ATI and they both worked fine. Some people just use the Hercules BIOS because they seem to think they get higher overclocks using it. Either way you should be fine.
  3. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Wow...I wrote this like 3 years back. I almost forgot about it!

    Yes, any of those BIOS will work. I've already flashed back to Pro version because my card wouldn't handle at XT speed. All the BIOS seems the same to me, Hercules, Sapphire, BBA.
  4. m0dD3r

    m0dD3r Newbie

    LOL, great guide though. Still refferred to 'till this day.

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