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Discussion in 'BIOS Optimization Guide (BOG)' started by oudeis, Jan 30, 2007.

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    NOTE- The forum link on is broken.

    I purchased the Guide e-book from Amazon in December of 2005. Several months ago I upgraded my system and transferred all the data to a new harddrives. Now, when I try to open the pdf, Acrobat 8 tells me I'm not allowed to access the document on this computer and to contact the merchant who sold it to me. Amazon didn't implement digital redownloads until long after I bought the guide, so I can't redownload and reauthorize a new one. Adobe has changed the way Acrobat handles drm, so stepping down to an earlier version is likely futile, and frankly something I shouldn't have to do. Is there a non-drm version of the document- preferably in chm or html form- that I could get from you, or some way that I can register a new hardware signature or do whatever I have to do to be able to access my book? I can supply my Amazon purchase receipt if it will help to resolve this.
  2. Adrian Wong

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    Hello oudeis,

    The domain is currently being maintained as an archive. The new website is at while the forum is currently at

    But thanks for informing us. We should really go back and correct some of the broken links. :)

    As for the e-book, I really cannot help you much in this aspect as handles the sale. Heck, I don't even have a copy of the e-book even though I'm the author. :doh:

    Have you tried asking about this matter and asking for a new e-book?

    If you like to read something on the BIOS guide, you can do so immediately at But that's the simplified version, and not the full version as sold in the e-book or the printed book.
  3. oudeis

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    I asked Adobe if downgrading to an earlier, pre-Digital Editions version of Acrobat would allow me to open the PDF and was told no. Amazon customer service has informed me that since they no longer carry the e-book they are unable to help me. All this essentially sums up to me paying for a book I can no longer use because I upgraded my computer, which is completely absurd. As I mentioned in my OP, I can supply my Amazon receipt to prove ownership, so can anybody tell me any way that I can crack the drm on this document and open it?
  4. Adrian Wong

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    Hello oudeis,

    Unfortunately, I cannot help you with the DRM problem. But if you can furnish me with your receipt, I can offer you free 3 months subscription to the online BIOS Optimization Guide instead.
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    Thanks! The receipt is in .tif format. How do I attach it to a post or pm? I looked but couldn't find any way to do it.
  6. Adrian Wong

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    UGPM, oudeis. ;)
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    I think i can help you to resolve this problem. Will you provide me complete detail of this file.

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    This topic is more than 1,5 years old, i'm pretty sure he found a solution now.

    Something tells me you're just post whoring.

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