BIOSTAR Introduces The BIOSTAR Hi-Fi H170S3H Motherboard

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    November 13th, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR announces its latest motherboard designed for Intel 6th-generation processor which offers a packed array of features perfect for gaming and entertainment. The BIOSTAR Hi-Fi H170S3H features Hi-Fi Audio, Hi-Fi Power and 3D Hi-Fi to fully maximize your listening experience.

    This coupled with the full barrage of BIOSTAR enhancements, gives you the ultimate value for your gaming build without breaking the bank. Native support for PCI-E M.2 allows you to arm yourself with high-speed M.2 storage and choosing H170 gets you more USB3.0 ports along with native PCI-E RAID0 and RAID1 support. The board supports DDR3 memory so no need to change DIMMs when you upgrade your PC.


    The BIOSTAR Hi-FI H170S3H comes with an optimal power design with MOSFET cooling for sturdier power delivery to the CPU to enhance performance, coupled with Crossfire support with 2x PCI-E X16 slots gives you more flexibility in upgrading later on with another GPU. The board also supports onboard dual-HDMI, both are 4K ready. The Hi-Fi H170S3H is certified BIOSTAR 6+ Experience board covering BIOSTAR's expertise: Audio+, Video+, Speed+, Protection+, Durability+ and DIY+.

    The BIOSTAR Hi-Fi H170S3H has an SRP of $84.90, perfect for upgraders, new system builders and budget gamers who want to jump in the Skylake platform without spending for a complete system overhaul. Use your older DDR3 modules and plug in another graphics card for more gaming horsepower.

    BIOSTAR’s latest mainboard, the Hi-Fi H170S3H is based on Intel’s H170 chipset which supports the latest 14nm Intel® 6th-generation socket 1151 Intel® Core™ processors.
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