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    My friend is running about 3 or 4 blog sites and recently, she just launched her beauty and fashion site. She is encouraging me to write for her and help her with some marketing tasks. She told me that we can start creating a social media accounts for that site and add followers. She also mentioned that I can also help her with seo thing but to be honesty I don't have much idea about it. Now, I'm looking for ways on how I can assist her with SEO. In case you know something that could help a beginner like me, please feel free to drop a line. Thanks.
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    For social media, maybe you can do the basic on your own or get some tutorials online in terms of a basic SEO. I'm sure the site can get some of the attention of your potential customers. But, then if you want a better result , you may ask an assistance from an online digital marketing professionals to do it for you. I'm sure they are more capable of doing a lot of techniques to help your friend's beauty and fashion site.

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