Breaking News! Firefly Flight Crash Lands!

Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Adrian Wong

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    I understand if the pilot does not inform the passengers about a problem with the plane. It helps to avoid panic. Would have done no one good if he told everyone that both engines were out. However, what they did AFTER landing was inexcusable.

    1. They refused to transfer some of the passengers to a different flight on MAS (or other carriers).

    2. They gave the passengers only two options - cancel the flight and get a refund, or wait for the 4:30 pm flight.

    3. I may be wrong, but I believe NO apologies were given to the passengers. They only said that they didn't understand how this could happen as the plane was NEW. That was what they said - the plane was NEW when we now know they were NOT new.

    4. Those who elected to stay for the replacement flight were NOT provided with food or drinks as reported by The Star and Firefly. They were told that they can wait at the restaurants in the airport and come back only at 3:30 pm.
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    Hi... Kinda new to the site so was browsing - checking out the discussions.

    Personally I have flown with Firefly a few times... went to LIMA on it and didn't have any issues. Our flight was delayed but when I asked, they explained it was because the runway was closed for the airshow. So ok lah... nothing can be done right?

    But 2 things that curious me lah...

    1) if the plane did almost explode and the passengers were not dealt with properly, how come no other media covered the issue? No passengers complained also. I notice sometimes ppl do complain about the FY flights, but nothing about your brother's flight... :confused:

    2) if you read in their terms and conditions, they only offer 2 alternatives - either to refund or book you in a later flight. I don't think they help you transfer to another flight. Usually budget airlines don't do that... I experienced that while traveling in Europe.......

  3. Adrian Wong

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    Hi and welcome! :beer:

    Well, it didn't almost explode. The engines just died so they had to glide back to Subang.

    The Star covered it but Firefly fed them wrong and/or misleading information. I personally wrote a letter to the Editor. They deigned to post it. So I wouldn't be surprised if they did so for the other passengers.

    Also, my brother did say that many of the passengers were not aware of the severity of the situation. They were only told that one engine was out. They were not informed that the second engine was also out.

    Yeah, but that refers to delays or cancellations, NOT near disasters. The point was some of the passengers who were aware of what happened wanted a different carrier. Who can blame them? They did not ask for a different carrier just because the flight was delayed or cancelled.

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