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  1. One of my capacitors for thr MSI nx7950gx2 has came off my card and one of its legs is missing. Needless to say I need to replace it. It is the one in the front of the group of three capacitors. What type of capacitor is it? When I tried to find a replacement, I was totally lost. They had all sorts of capacitors listed aluminum, flow thru, etc..

    All that can made out on the capacitor due to a black marker on the can is:

    a 63D

    Can someone help me find a replacement? I have a friend that can fix it if I can get the right replacement part.
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  3. Thanks but that part number isn't working for me.

    We found this one. apxa160ara181mhcog 16v,180eu,105degrees, 8mm, surface mount. Your number must be out of stock.
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    Technically it should work fine, but i can't seem to find the ref number with nichicon.
  5. I got a replacement capacitor installed but it shutsdown after about 10 minutes. I'm wondering if I need a higher temp rated cap? The one I used was rated at 105 degrees and I couldn't find a higher one available.
    Aluminum elec.capacitor, smd, 16v,180eu,105 deg, 8mm

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