building a pc..need help with BIOS!! :(

Discussion in 'BIOS Optimization Guide (BOG)' started by shannon., Jan 8, 2006.

  1. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    ello! okie i just built a pc...i gots all the bits and peices together but now when i turned on me pc and hit delete button to take me to BIOS setup i have no clue what to do...
    i have a magazine that says i can tweak my memory to make it work faster then what it can do.

    but actually i did try and make the RAS to CAS delay to 2t instead of 2.5 and then i made the CAS Latency to 2t too and then i turned the Row precharge time to 2t also

    then i turned the graphic up to turbo..

    then i hit save and the screen went black! ....what did i do wrong?? :confused:

    but then i restarted it and just set everything to defualt and that other fast optimizing option thing...and the user password then i saved it and still the screen went black on me...i dont get it...i didnt do anyhting that yeah.. im here to see if anyone has any ideas...thank you for listening to me :cry:
  2. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    i seriously need help with this guys...bios setup i have no idea what to program what to enable what to disable ....anyone ever built a pc before???

    should i call someone like geek squad instead...or someone that i dont have to pay just to tell me a simple answer...this is my first time building a! please :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  3. aKho

    aKho beat around the bush

    ah, you don't have to mess with the RAM settings.. the boost to performance is very minimal. never play with BIOS if your not sure what your doing. sometimes trial and error can result in an unstable system or worst yet, burn something.. :doh:

    if you can get back into your BIOS, and reset everything to default (make sure the latency is set to before), save, restart again..

    before you tweaked your memory, was the system working fine? what are your system specifications?

    since it's pretty new and probably under warranty, best to bring it back to the shop and let them set it straight, just to avoid any other mishap. good luck.
  4. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    hm yea i actually did go to a shop to buy a jumper to reset the CMOS cuz stoopid me i set a user password and i couldnt touch a thing anywhere in BIOS and it wasnt letting me do anything...but i had set the defualts setting and top performences too when that happend....

    i never really did anyhting or what to notice before i did those tweaks....i was mainly on this pc trying to find ou what i shouldnt do and what i need to set...and id leave my new pc on at that BIOS setup screen until id figure out what i needed to do...because that what the mobo manual said before installing windows..

    im actually now having trouble with my windows and the mobo mobo is a GA K8N PROSLI and me HDD is MAXTOR SATA/150

    i dl windows everything was going sweet, was actually getting quit happy...then i put in the MOBO disc to dl all the features like the Nvidia4 stuff and the RealTek thingy and all that then it needed to i do...then i start it back up and now it just gets stuck on the loading windows xp screen with the 3 looking bubbles going back and forth

    but then at times i dont know what i do like say i um i think i didnt have any disc in and i tired restarting it that way...and then it says error Hard Drive not found

    im not exactly sure what i had did to have that say that but im pretty sure there wasnt anything in the CD-ROM at the time

    o yeah...i had gotten a little pissed at some people...because they said i didnt need to do anything in the BIOS but set the defaults....but yeah i did actually need to turn on the keyboard and mouse to enable them .....i know it was commen sense but at the time i didnt know wether it would signify to blow up the RAM or i said im sooo ooo new at this type of thing...i should have taken a pc class in high school, but at the time i thought it was all useless info :shifty: but i love learning new things and if i ever get this pc up and running id be soooo proud(i wish i could afford a collage pc class :( ) it cost me a fortune!

    so anyways i did get my pc up and running...d/led XP but then everytime i try and d/ling somehting off of the mobo disc and reboot it wont go back in to windows! :( i just dont understand...

    (my HDD btw is: maxtor SATA not the older type IDE (learned that today). the graphix card is: ATI x700pro. my mobo is: GA-K8NPRO-SLI. my CPU is: AMD Athlon 64 3500+. my memory is: Turbo memory DDR 512MB 3200 PQI (x2 to make it a gig)...ive leanred so much about a pc within just 3 days of building this thing kinda makes me want to build another lol)
  5. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Okay, you will definitely need to do a bit of reading. First, take a look at for details on each BIOS option. PLEASE read up on the BOG before asking any questions about BIOS options in your BIOS. :mrgreen:
  6. luqman

    luqman Newbie

    just flash the BIOS do wat i did :thumb:
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Clear the BIOS, you mean. ;)
  8. luqman

    luqman Newbie

    clear the BIOS=flash the BIOS --> taking the BIOS battery out of the motherboard and putting it back :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wicked: :wicked:
    to clear all user settings including password :thumb:
  9. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    um okie well thank you i figured it out on my own.....

    yes ive been searching everywhere and on google what BIOS are and i feel like i wanna take a class or somehting just to be more smarter about this i really injoy learning what evrything little thing in the BIOS in BOG book thingy adrian....

    so anyways....yes i do need to mess with the bios now....because i have an MAXTOR SATA/150 HDD wont allow me to dl windows properly without those drivers....okie....where do i find the drivers...what exact drivers do i one seems to know ANYTHING.....

    seriously....i called maxtor company and they said that the GA K8N PROSLI (aka mobo) disco come s with the drivers and that i needed to dl those drivers on oanother pc to a floppy...then when to dl windows xp press dl those drivers cuz windows hasnt recognized these sata before there use to the you know what im tlaking about now??!!

    okie so heres where im stuck in a rut....i go to insurt the mobo disco into this pc....and theres NOTHING to instal or to copy tell you the truth i really dont know what to look for but this is what ime seeing on my mobo disc right now...

    install chipset drivers....RealTek LAN driver...not installed

    thats all that i can install ....but what the heck suppose to install a serial ATA driver of some sort not a RealTek Local Area Network....

    soooo then i go to this sight that people were actually having these problems that i so tored of typeing.....i wanna cry....but yea heres the link

    i dont think i have sata ii ....on my mobo disc it just shows driver SATA

    and on that sight he says The SATA-II or SATA drivers downloaded from NVIDIA or the Silicon Image SIL3114 drivers OR downloaded from this post and placed on a clean floppy disk. Further in the How To File I have links and descriptions on which driver you will need.

    he only takes me to a link to these 50 thousand d/l to instal...which drivers do i guys probably havent had this problem but im new to all this SIL3114 thing and whcih drivers i need to d/l on to a floppy...

    can someone teach me...or show me a link to the exact drivers i need for my maxtor sata hdd and my ga k8npro sli cuz im about to go nuts looking everyhwere on the net calling up these peopel......but i cant anymore there im now buggy any of you guys to please please please help me im stoopid to these type of things to dl ont a floppy.....
  10. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    i did clear the CMOS...
  11. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    has anyone built a GA K8NPROSLI mobo with a MAXTOR SATA HDD???

    there are things to change in the BIOS before i install windows .....i found that out...everyone kept say dont mess with them dont mess with them just default....for some strange reason the SATA function IDE is enabled which should be disabled....then the mobo will read my hard drive..

    anyone understand what im going through?
  12. luqman

    luqman Newbie

    weird? so ur motherboard won't read ur hd??? just puch in the IDE cable all the way in :thumb:
  13. shannon.

    shannon. Newbie

    thats just the problem this new serial ATA (SATA) system doesnt reqiuer a you have to press F6 whne installing windows....and get the SATA drivers down from the mobo disc...put them on a floppy...which is so frustraiting cuz lol a floppy only uses i had to search through the mobo disc try and find what it is i need over the net google style.... go back to the pc ptu the floppy in and see if anything happend (i used so many floppys lol) ones had to do this here?

    thats weird lol this is my first time ever building a pc and i get stuck choosing the deficult way to installing XP ....since XP hasnt updated to this new SATA HDD ways...=/

    but now okie im stuck in the partitioning....should i make a partition (NTFS)

    or should i unpartition space....

    does that mean its gonna do windows xp all over again without repairing cuz thats what i need to install xp correclty actually...thats the choice i had to make right before this choice bah!

    need help dont undertsand what partitioning (NFTS) is...
  14. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    You need to partition unused space first, then only proceed to install Windows. NTFS is the standard FAT table used in WinXP.
  15. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL! Luqman, you better correct that misconception. Flashing the BIOS is definitely NOT the same as clearing the BIOS.

    In fact, your method of clearing the BIOS by removing the BIOS battery is not even the preferred or common method. If there's any clearing to do, a simple jumper switch is all you need.

    The only reason to actually remove the BIOS battery physically would be clear the BIOS if the Clear BIOS jumper failed to do the job.
  16. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Okay, I think I get what you mean. You hooked up the hard drive to the SATA controller. For Windows XP to recognize the controller during the installation process, you need to press F6 during the installation process and insert the floppy disk containing the driver for the SATA controller.

    The floppy disk is part of the motherboard package. You should have it inside the box. If it's missing, well, you can download it from the Gigabyte website. But since it's normally in a ZIP format, you need to extract it into a floppy disk.

    Once Windows XP's installation routine loads the driver, you will be able to install Windows XP in that hard drive. You should have no installation problems henceforth... unless you messed up somewhere else, of course!
  17. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, Chai is correct. Since the hard drive is new, it's unpartitioned and unformatted. You need to create at least one partition and then format it.

    Then you can install Windows XP on it.
  18. luqman

    luqman Newbie

    am.... more like high formating. that needs to be done first! and then install ur new os!
  19. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    You will be asked to quick format or normal format when installing WinXP. You don't have a choice not to format. ;)
  20. luqman

    luqman Newbie

    thanks for improving my point :haha:

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