Canon New Printers to Address Home Office Needs

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    24 April 2012 – Leader in the printing solutions industry, Canon Marketing (Malaysia) launched a series of printers today that aims to address home office needs. The innovative new line-up of printers unveiled today included the ink efficient PIXMA E600, the premium Home AIO PIXMA MX897, the new inkjet range MX517 and MX377 and the speedy FAX-L170 laser fax machine.

    “Efficiency is of utmost importance for any business operations and especially so in a home office business environment. With that in mind, the printers launched today are designed to be the perfect home office companion that come with an easy operation design, faxing capabilities with fax security features and PIXMA Cloud Link capabilities that will assist in ensuring efficiency and quality printing for all projects,” said Mr. Donny Ling, Director of Consumer System Products Division, Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

    Ink Efficient Office All-In-One Printer - PIXMA E600
    With added faxing capabilities, fax security and integrated Auto Document Feeder (ADF), the ink efficient PIXMA E600 is the All-In-One printer for home offices who are just starting out. A necessary trait for home office printers is faxing capabilities and the PIXMA E600 comes equipped with a fax security feature as well. Fax security protects sensitive materials from being accidentally faxed to the wrong recipients by requiring users to enter the fax number a second time, just before a fax transmission. If the number does not match the originally entered number, the PIXMA E600 will cancel the fax and require the user to confirm the fax number.

    One of the key time-saving features of the PIXMA E600 is the fully-integrated ADF that holds up to 30 sheets of documents at a time, allowing users to automate tasks like high-volume copying and scanning. With the ADF's help, users can save time and concentrate their attention on other tasks.

    Running a home office is tough enough without the added frustration of maintaining a printer. The PIXMA E600 comes with a dedicated high-capacity black ink cartridge that can print up to 800 pages per refill. This drastically reduces the amount of times a user has to replace PIXMA E600’s ink cartridge for the same amount of work. In addition to that, the PIXMA E600 makes it easier to replace ink cartridges by incorporating the Fast Front design concept, relocating the ink cartridges to the front of the printer instead of being deep in the printer.

    Premium 5-In-1 Home Office Printer - PIXMA MX897
    The PIXMA MX897 is a great asset to any home office set-up with its easy operations, PIXMA Cloud Link, mobile printing feature and Quiet mode that can be utilized to reduce its noise levels and maintain a home office's tranquillity. Users will find the PIXMA MX897 easy to use with its 3.0” LCD display and Dual Function Panel (DFP) that has large and easy to press keys and only the appropriate buttons for each function are lit so that users will never be daunted by a large amount of irrelevant controls.

    Another nifty feature in the MX897 is the Canon PIXMA Cloud Link where users can connect straight to the Canon Cloud Server by using the printer’s 3.0” LCD screen and browse through various templates to print useful stationeries when required. Users can also connect to their online photo album and print out photos, all without the use of a personal computer. The MX897 further lessens the dependence of computers with its mobile printing capabilities. Using either iOS or Android devices, users can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi to print photographs and pdf documents directly from their mobile devices or scan images and documents directly into their mobile devices.

    Print on the go with the MX897 as it is compatible with Google Cloud Print, allowing users to access the printer while being away from his/her home office by using smartphones or laptops so documents are printed out and ready for collection immediately upon return to the office. Smart printing like this will increase a home office's time-efficiency and productivity.

    High performance Office All-In-One Inkjet Printers – PIXMA MX517 and PIXMA MX377
    The PIXMA MX517 and PIXMA MX377 launched today offers great advantages over other printers with features like the new fully-integrated Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), the user-friendly Dual Function Panel, and even wireless connectivity to mobile devices. The PIXMA MX517 is also equipped with mobile printing capabilities similar to the PIXMA MX897. Fax security is also an optional feature available in the PIXMA MX517.

    The new fully-integrated ADF holds up to 30 sheets of documents at a time, making high-volume copying and scanning a much easier task. Large stacks of documents can now be placed on the printers and be scanned automatically, enhancing productivity.

    Further assisting home office business owners is the Easy Web-print EX software that, as its name suggests, makes it easier to print content from the Internet. With Easy Web-print EX, users can easily print the main content of a web page with a single click, without including any unwanted menu bars. Users can also clip and compile information from different web pages, and then compile them neatly into a single printed page – simultaneously saving paper and placing all important content together. Another function is the ability to print in large text, making documents easier to read.

    Speedy & Hassle Free Laser Fax Machine – FAX-L170
    With an accompanying handset and large LCD display, the FAX-L170 is designed to satisfy the demands of small business owners who operate in limited workspace environments, consolidating the capabilities of a fax machine, laser printer and copy machine into a single, compact device. It is user friendly and most importantly, it delivers fast laser printing performance of up to 18 pages per minute for A4 documents, enhanced faxing capabilities, quality imaging and speedy, hassle-free document processing.

    Incorporating Canon’s Ultra Fast Rendering (UFR II Lt) print language, the device harnesses the greater processing capabilities of the PC to reduce overall processing load on the device. The FAX-L170 features a prompt First Printout Time (FPOT) of 7.8 seconds for A4 output, superior to most competing models on the market. Combined with Canon’s On Demand Fixing technology, the FAX-L170 enables a fast 3.5 seconds recovery time from sleep mode and 14 seconds to warm up after being powered on.

    Besides being time and cost saving, the L170 is also suitable for businesses practicing green procurement policies with its Energy Star® rating. The cost- and energy-efficient device consumes a mere 1.5 Watts in Sleep mode and Energy Star Total Electricity Consumption (TEC) rating of just of 0.6 kilowatt-hours, per week (kWh/W).

    PIXMA E600 Specifications
    Ink Efficient Office All-In-One Printer
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 458 x 385 x 200mm (approx.)
    Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200dpi (maximum)
    Photo Print speed: 46sec (borderless 4x6”)
    Print Speed: 5.2ipm (colour) / 8.9ipm (B&W)
    ADF Copy Speed: 3.4ipm (colour)
    Key features: Dedicated High Capacity Black Ink Cartridge, 30-sheet ADF, Fast Front, Easy Web-print EX, Fax security.
    Recommended Retail Price: RM598.00 (US$ 199)

    PIXMA MX897 Specifications
    Premium Office-All-In Printer
    Dimensions (WxDxH) : 491 x 448 x 218mm (approx.)
    Print Resolution: 9600 x 2400 dpi (maximum)
    Photo Print speed: 20 secs ( borderless 4”x6”)
    Print Speed: 9.3 ipm (colour) / 12.5 ipm (B&W)
    ADF Copy Speed: 7.0 ipm (colour)
    Key features: PIXMA Cloud Link, Dual Function Panel, integrated Auto Duplex ADF, Mobile Printing (Wi-Fi), 3.0” LCD colour display, Duplex printing, Quiet mode, Easy Web-Print EX, Full HD Movie Print, Creative Park Premium.
    Recommended Retail Price: RM1,118.00 (US$ 372)

    PIXMA MX517 Specifications
    High performance Office All-In-One Printer
    Dimension (WxDxH): 458 x 385 x 200mm (approx.)
    Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200dpi (maximum)
    Photo Print speed: 46 sec (borderless 4”x6”)
    Print Speed: 5.5 ipm (colour) / 9.7 ipm (B&W)
    ADF Copy Speed: 4.3 ipm (colour)
    Key features: Dual Function Panel, 30-sheet ADF, Apple AirPrint, Mobile Printing (Wi-Fi), FastFront, 2.5” colour LCD display, Duplex Printing.
    Recommended Retail Price: RM588.00 (US$ 199)

    PIXMA MX377 Specifications
    Office All-In-One Printer
    Dimension (WxDxH): 458 x 385 x 200mm (approx.)
    Print Resolution: 4800 x 1200dpi (maximum)
    Photo Print speed: 46sec (borderless 4x6”)
    Print Speed: 5.0ipm (colour) / 8.7ipm (B&W)
    ADF Copy Speed: 3.4ipm (colour)
    Key Features: 30-sheet ADF, FastFront, Easy Web-Print EX
    Recommended Retail Price: RM426.00 (US$ 142)

    FAX-L170 Specifications
    Speedy & Hassle Free Laser Fax Machine
    Dimension (WxDxH): 372 x 303 x 303mm
    Print Resolution: equivalent 1200 x600dpi
    Print Speed: 18ppm
    Memory Capacity: 512 pages
    Key Features: User-friendly Fax Features, UltraFast Rendering (UFR II Lt), On Demand Fixing, Energy Star® rating
    Recommended Retail Price: RM1,188.00 (US$ 399)

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