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    Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA - 16 December, 2014 - Samsung Malaysia Electronics today announced the launch of the revolutionary NX1, which combines cutting edge design, industry leading technology and Samsung’s innovation expertise to create an exceptionally fast compact system camera (CSC). The NX1 delivers superb image quality and unrivalled usability, setting a new benchmark for photographers everywhere and providing a genuine alternative to DSLRs as the professional camera of choice around the world.

    Featuring best in class 15FPS continuous AF shooting, a unique Auto Focus (AF) System III with 205 Phase Detection AF points and 28MP APS-C BSI CMOS Sensor for superior image quality, the versatile performance and precision craftsmanship will challenge even the most classical photographers to re-think their understanding of professional photography.

    "The NX1 represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s advanced photographic expertise and heralds a new era of intuitive, professional quality photography for everyone," said Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, Mobile, IT and Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. "With the launch of the NX1, Samsung is re-defining what is possible with an interchangeable lens camera, allowing photographers everywhere to achieve previously unimaginable levels of quality and expertise in each and every image they capture."

    Marcus Reichmann, renowned National Geographic Channel photographer, made a special appearance at the launch event today to share his personal experience of using the NX1. Film producer, David Khoo as well as two other local professional photographers, Jon Low and Yaman Ibrahim also showcased the NX1’s capabilities through exclusive shots and footages taken with their NX1.

    Unparalleled speed and accuracy

    Powerful and fast, the NX1's DRIMe V Image Processor boasts superior colour reproduction and noise reduction, utilising powerful cores for the high speed imaging that serious photographers need. This cutting-edge technology also supports 4K UHD video recording with no need for external equipment, so movie makers can shoot and share their inspiring stories in vivid, clean, widescreen realism.

    Featuring Samsung’s new NX AF (Auto Focus) System III with 205 Phase Detection AF points, the NX1 re-defines the boundaries of semi-professional level photography with its speed, agility and focusing ability. While the most extraordinary moments can pass by in an instance, the NX1's world class AF speed (0.055sec) allows them to be captured and remembered in rich detail for years to come. Additionally, industry leading 15FPS continuous shooting allows NX1 users to seamlessly track and shoot whole action sequences.

    Wide Phase Detection also means the NX1 can instinctively track subjects almost anywhere in the frame, regardless of their location. Photographers can capture even the briefest of moments as there is no need to re-compose a shot - they can simply focus and shoot immediately, allowing for extreme speed and flexibility. This technology will be of particular interest to those who love to shoot video, as the NX1 supports the use of Phase AF during movie recording, so that results are stable and steady.

    Further enhancing the NX1’s action credentials is the intelligent new Samsung Auto Shot (SAS) feature which actually automatically takes the picture at precisely the right moment. Thanks to the NX1’s brand-new DRIMe V processor, the advanced hardware algorithms can recognise high-speed motion, and equate shutter-lag in real-time.

    Even with a fast shutter speed and high speed drive, it can still be difficult to capture action (like the moment a baseball player strikes the ball). SAS removes this concern by accurately predicting the right time to capture the shot, resulting in perfect capture in every decisive moment.

    Capture even the most elusive subjects

    The NX1 is also equipped with Samsung’s newly designed 28MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, featuring an innovative Back Side Illumination (BSI) structure with a micro lens array. Compared to conventional CMOS sensors, BSI reduces noise more effectively by keeping the path between the lens and sensors clear so more light can hit each pixel, lowering the signal-to-noise ratio. As a result, NX1 users need never compromise on perfection, even in low light. Superb image quality and jaw-dropping results are guaranteed, whatever the shooting scenario or subject.

    The NX1 supports native ISO 100-25600 and extended ISO to 51200, letting you capture well exposed images with less noise even when the lighting conditions are quite dark. Furthermore, utilising new technology designed specifically for the NX1, even subtle noise produced by cameras that cannot be seen by the naked eye can be effectively diminished. This technology works by distinguishing each imaging area, such as edges, textures, or skies and intelligently applying different types of noise reduction to the individual parts. This method retains details without the softening that’s common with other global noise reduction technologies.

    The NX1 supports both 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) video recording, providing flexibility and choice for movie capture. UHD has a four times higher resolution than Full HD, readily apparent in the smooth and impressive quality of footage shot on the NX1. The inbuilt HEVC Codec (H.265), the most advanced compression technology available, brings efficiency to the storage of video clips by compressing high quality video to half the size and bit rate of H.264 footage without compromising on quality.

    All files are conveniently stored on the SD Card so that an external 4K recorder is not necessary. Post production requirements also haven’t been neglected with the inclusion of conversion software for editing the 4K footage.

    Classic design and extreme usability

    The highly durable magnesium alloy body of the NX1 offers the solid and rugged feel that high end photographers are accustomed to. Carefully crafted, the ergonomic design of the NX1 is comfortable to hold, with a specially shaped grip which allows users to maintain a tight hold while shooting. Those seeking further photographic options can take advantage of the custom designed Vertical Grip accessory (sold separately), allowing for the use of a larger battery and easier vertical and horizontal shooting.

    The NX1’s sturdy build is strengthened with dust and splash resistance, including rubber seals and seams to protect dials and buttons. This durable design helps NX1 photographers to seize every opportunity to capture awe inspiring scenes, regardless of any outdoor shooting environments.

    The Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) is an XGA OLED display with 2.36 million dots, providing users with an extremely life-like and immersive eye-level composing experience. Bolstering the EVF, the NX1’s DRIMe V Image Processor cuts down lag time to just 0.005-seconds so that the EVF reflects the scene being shot in nearly real time, without delay.

    The 3.0-inch FVGA Super AMOLED display with touch capabilities is brilliantly lit and has a natural looking display. The only CSC to feature a top LCD panel, the NX1’s UI synchronised status display window clearly displays a number of advanced camera settings, from WB, drive and battery condition, so that it is quick and easy to control the camera.

    Industry leading connectivity

    Equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, the NX1 has the fastest, most advanced connectivity available, allowing users to watch 4K movies on UHD TV via wireless streaming. With its outstanding data transfer speed, users can send both large images and Full HD video files swiftly and without delay. The NX1 is also the world's first Bluetooth equipped CSC, further boosting Samsung's Smart Camera offering and ensuring users are always connected for easy pairing and quick transfer times with smartphones and tablets.

    Introducing a versatile new NX lens

    Expanding the NX lens range is the new 50-150mm 2.8 S ED OIS lens, a high end, premium telephoto lens perfectly matched with the NX1. With its ultra-fast F2.8 maximum aperture and 35mm equivalent 77-231mm focal range, this multipurpose S-series lens is ideally suited to a wide range of scenarios including sport, wildlife and portrait photography.

    Additional features include Advanced Multi-Axis Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) system with up to 4.5 stops (at mid range, under the CIPA standard), Samsung’s Ultra Precise Stepping Motor (UPSM), and dust and splash resistance offered by Samsung Hyper Shield (SHS).

    The Samsung NX1 is available at all Samsung authorised dealers, at a recommended retail price of RM4,699 (Samsung NX1 camera body only) and RM8,699 (Samsung NX1 camera body and 16-50mm F2-2.8 lens).
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    Our Coverage Of The Samsung NX1 Launch Event

    * This was originally posted LIVE from the launch event on our Facebook page.

    We're now at the Samsung NX1 Smart Camera launch event here in Bangsar South!


    The Samsung NX1's tag line - Performance, Precision, Perfection.


    That's quite a packed schedule. Stay tuned for updates!


    We got front row seats!


    Mr. Lee Jui Siang, Vice President of Mobile, IT & Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia Electronics showing off the Samsung NX1 camera.


    Here's the new Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera!

    With its 28 MP BSI sensor (APS-C in size) and a durable magnesium alloy body, it marks Samsung's foray into the high-end photography market.

    Yes, you read that right. Samsung is targeting the NX1 at the DSLR market.

    This baby is priced at RM 4,699 (body only) and RM 8,699 (with the 16-50mm f2-2.8 lens). In USD, that's roughly $1,349 and $2,489 respectively.


    #Samsung #SamsungMy #SamsungNX1

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    The Samsung NX1 is a rather hefty camera. It's really the size of a small DSLR.

    Note that in this photo, the Samsung NX1 has a vertical grip / battery pack installed.


    The Samsung NX1 has a large and bright 3" Super AMOLED screen at the back which can be tilted up to 90 degrees. It has a resolution of 720x480.

    It also has an OLED-based electronic viewfinder, with XGA (1024x768) resolution, and an eye contact sensor.

    As this is a mirrorless camera, both displays will show the exact image as captured by the sensor.

    The downside is a slight lag if you pan the camera suddenly, or the subject moves suddenly.


    Here's a comparison (top view) of the Samsung NX1 vs the Nikon D300.

    As you can see, the Samsung NX1 chassis is much thinner than that of the Nikon D300.

    Note that even the grip is thinner. This may be a problem for those with larger hands.


    Another comparison of the Samsung NX1 (right) vs. the Nikon D300.

    The NX1 is definitely smaller in depth and height, but not by much where the width is concerned. It also has heft due to the solid magnesium alloy construction.

    Incidentally, the lens on the NX1 is their 16-50mm f/2-2.8 kit lens, while the lens on the Nikon D300 is the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8.


    Maybe I'm just too used to the Nikon D300 but the grip of the Samsung NX1 does not fit my hand well. Maybe because it's shorter. Maybe because the grip is not as thick.

    To properly grip it, my thumb wanders to the left. Maybe that's why they put the rear dial there. But I keep hitting the Menu or AF On buttons.


    The Samsung NX1 is also the first and only mirrorless camera to feature a top LCD panel for status display - a standard DSLR feature.

    The status display allows you to quickly check the camera settings from white balance to storage capacity and battery life.


    #Samsung #SamsungMy #SamsungNX1

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    Here's a closer look at the Samsung NX1 camera's vertical grip, which doubles as a battery extender.


    Samsung currently offers these 5 zoom lenses.


    The Samsung MX1 also supports these 5 prime lenses.


    Samsung also offers these 3 special lenses for the Samsung NX1 camera.


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    With their current reputation in the digital camera segment, they'll have a lot of work cut out for them in order to compete with their peers (Sony A7, Olympus EM-1, Panasonic GH4, Fuji XT1) at that price.
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    Yeah, their price rather surprised me...

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