CMOS battery/checksum error

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    3 1.2V ni-cad batteries amounts to 3.6V of battery.

    You could always wire up in a 3V lithium or rechargable lithium from an oldphone and see if it will work.

    Pretty messy solution, but nevertheless its a way.
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    Configure Cmos Philips P2120 and CMOS Errors

    Hy There!

    The Philips P2120 flexible disk original drive is a 31/2 low capacity disk (720 kilobytes/720KB).

    "Setup CMOS battery/checksum error" - message appears when your battery is dead or your hardware configuration has been changed.

    Change your CMOS 3V battery (easy to find) and run setup to to update your hardware information stored in CMOS memory.

    How to run setup in Philips P2120:

    First create a DOS startup disk; (remember:The Philips P2120 flexible disk original drive is a 31/2 low capacity disk (720 kilobytes/720KB). This drive can't read 1.44 disks).

    Download p2120utilities, unzip it and place all files on a Flexible disk.

    Start the computer, with the DOS startup disk (When "Setup CMOS battery/checksum F1 to resume" message appears, press F1 Key)
    When you see A:\ in your screen, put the disk "p2120utilities" in your drive and simply type Setup (press enter). Your bios setup program will run.

    Best regards

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    What is this??? :shock:
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    wah.. so many IC.. and ISA slot some more.. where is the proc? i think the one that look like the buzzer is the battery..:think:
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    For older motherboards, they don't use the CR323 battery, try looking for a black rectangular plastic that's about 1.5 inch long with a small cable attached to it.

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    That's a mainboard of 1988 :p

    @ KayFX: Within the red circle is the CPU. In the blue square, a 80287 co-processor (FPU) can be placed (which I also have).

    @ Jeremy: The chip in the pink circle looks what you descrie, but that's the timer.
    I have inspected the rest of the PC, I even opened the power supply, but it seems that there simply isn't a battery... But there must be! Otherwise it could've never worked!
    It's not on the back of the mainboard, before someone starts asking ;)
    The buzzer really is a buzzer, because the PC has no other speaker in it :p

    The only two things that look like a battery are the gray plastic wrapped thing right above the CPU and the metal thing on top left of the main board.
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    The battery is contained with the Dallas (now Maxim) DS1287 RTC/battery. On your motherboard this chip is located below the empty DIP socket. Maxim has an application note here about this chip.
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    Thanks alot Aay! :D

    Now I can finally start to use this PC:dance:

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