convert Ati X700 Pro into a FireGL card

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    I have an Ati X700 Pro (Gigabyte - GV-RX70P128D-SP) – PCI-E and I want to “convert” into a FireGL card. I made this with my last card (an Ati 9600 Pro – AGP) and I had good results on graphic programs (CAD) where OpenGL is important. I tried now with FtrrFireGL and seems it won’t work. Could tell me somebody a solution?
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    I don't think it is possible because RivaTuner's patch script only have hacks for FireGL X1, X2, X3, T1 & Z1 which are equivalent to 9700, 9800, X800, 9600 & 9500. Therefore it is impossible to softmod X700 to FireGL V5000 unless Unwinder (creator of RivaTuner) does something to the patch scripts :mrgreen: hope that helps.

    Anyway, check out the updated guide

    Edit: not unless you hardmod your X700! :mrgreen:
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    Thanks'. I'll look for future release of RivaTuner (but I preferred FreeFireGL ... :)).
    Thanks' anyway.
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