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    I have coreldraw on several computers at my office, we quite often send files around for viewing to make sure that images etc. are up to standard, however on the computers that don’t have coreldraw we can’t open the files, this means that staff are having to wander around the office etc. I’m trying to find a program or way of viewing the files on these computers, please don’t suggest buying coreldraw ($350.00 US) as it is too expensive and will not be used on these computers, we have downloaded the trials but they will eventually expire and we will be stuck again. Does anyone know of a way we can view them, or a way that we can convert them to open them with windows previewer etc.

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    I'm not too familiar with CorelDraw, haven't used one in ages.

    If it is only for reviewing purpose only, what is preventing you from exporting to a format that is compatible with this computers? eg. .png .tiff ?
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    This might not help with your current problem but do you have an auto-backup configured? It is located at Tools->options -> (workspace) -> Save. You can set the elapsed time between backups (e.g. 10 minutes) as well as the destination folder. If you actually have it set you could look in the destination folder and see if there is a backup there. If not, consider setting it up for future use. You can also set it to make a backup upon saving the file.

    There is something corrupted with the file as it has been saved that Corel won't open it. Maybe there is a chance that another software that can import CorelDraw files might overlook the glitch and try to import the rest. Depends on what part of the file is corrupted.

    If instrument above didn't help, you would need to identify what may have caused the file corruption. Possible causes could include:

    • Document was corrupted / not saved due to the program crashing or hanging

    • Saving large files to a network drive.

    • Documents created in earlier versions of CorelDraw® are no longer accessible

    If it isn’t work, then refer to useful solution contained various tips and solutions CorelDraw Repair Toolbox
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