Coup in Thailand

Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Dashken

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    Nola... No.1 is enough already. When you have the army.. all don't care already la. :mrgreen:

    Thailand is the coolest place ever. :thumb: Well, obviously.. I haven't been out of the country much except to Thailand. :shifty: :beer:
  2. strawroot

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    Oh.. my fren told me a simpler story, which i think it should go like this :

    This PM of thailand, thaksin, who is a freaking rich guy, but the majority of thais do not like him. They say he is corrupted, so everyone wants him to step down. He said ok, but after like.. half a year still no action. So, the people protest. Mass protest.

    So, the army's chief, planned for a coup. He commanded all his troup drove into the Bangkok City, surrounded the government building.. including thaksin's office, so..they wanna take him down by force. But... he is not in his office. hehe u see, even if he is in office. If the chief commander shouts:" hey i got gun u wanna come out or not?", thanksin would be scared also right.
    That's why everything is so peaceful :nuts:

    I think he better not return to thailand, just stay in london, since he owns a telecom compand and liverpool FC? So, why go back and let the people shoot? hehe

    And somemore, during the coup everyone is so happy, stand outside the house.. served tea to the soldiers.. prob chit-chatting and talking bad abt their PM too.

    You see, their king is so nice, he granted the permission to the general for the coup i think. So, thaksin cnt really do shit right?
    But this story is only based on my understanding and what i heard, pls correct me if there is anything wrong.

    Thai king always comes out during crucial moment, whre is ours??? :pray:
  3. ZuePhok

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    hhis daughter is quite hot

    if im not mistaken.. :p
  4. Mad1

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    Pic pls:thumb:
  5. Papercut

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    Thaksin owns Liverpool? I thought the deal didn't go through :think:

    Edit: Just saw his daughter on the news...not bad, nice figure :mrgreen:
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  6. ZuePhok

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    yup :beer:

    god bless thailand!
  7. Since Thailand is now in a transitional period of government, does that mean Thaksin is like Victor Navorski in the movie The Terminal? He's a man with no country? :haha:
  8. digitalvoice

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    Hi everyone!

    You know what,...I was in Bangkok when it all happened. Yeah,...20/9/2006!
  9. Chai

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    Wow? Serious? So how was your experience there?
  10. Papercut

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    Uncle DV, you should know better.....NPNT :naughty:
  11. Adrian Wong

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    Don't know why, but she looks like a man to me... :shifty:

    Yeah, nice figure, but that face... like a man's face. :shifty: :shifty:

    Maybe it's because my newspaper had some black dots over her face, making it look like she has a moustache and beard. :D
  12. Adrian Wong

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    Serious?? Yeah, please tell us your experience?? :shock:

    And PICTURES please! I know you have them! :twisted:
  13. strawroot

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    would someone kindly upload her pic here? :pray:

    MAYBE she is acually a HE?
    like the one.. i talk she talks he talks hehe
  14. Adrian Wong

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    Aiyah... I left it at home, so I cannot take a shot of it. :(
  15. strawroot

    strawroot I Lurrrve Panda Biscuit!

    u left wat at home?? the photo.. or the daughter?? hehe :haha: :haha:
  16. digitalvoice

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    It happened at about 12.30am,....while I was sound asleep.

    Didn't know about it until my friends started calling in the morning. It was like "huh? are you sure? very quiet here wor". Then the frantic switching on of TV and saw it....tanks, machine guns, soldiers on the street, etc. Quite frightening though.

    Then the frantic search for MAS office. Thank God the airport remained opened. Got up a skytrain, got my air ticket changed and off I go to the airport. On the way, encountered road blocks, soldiers with M16s,...but finally, made it back home.

    Pics?...sorry guys, too frightened to snap any...if caught and detained, how?
  17. Chai

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    True, true. But that's a story to tell, ain't it? :mrgreen:

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