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    ok thanks guys.. great help.... one more question i have posted in the sticky thread bout modding molex... pls have a look...
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    Often we see those cooler fans such as by Cooler Master saying that the lifespan of their fan is how many hours or something like that. Now, my q would be, is Intel Pentium 4's original fan much more lasting or is these cooler fans, which we spend more money more lasting. Thanks.
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    Don't pay the premium price for the "Fatal1ty" name ever as its a waste of $.

    The AC Freezer coolers are a good price/performance air cooler.
  4. Adrian Wong

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    You mean MTBF? Well, don't worry about that. It's often just marketing.

    If you want something reliable, you should look for fans with ball-bearings.
  5. Adrian Wong

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  6. fguerro

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    I would say that just about any copper-based and heatpiped solution that accepts a 120mm fan would be ideal. However, you have to consider your case space too and targeted cooling. Not all will fit. Horizontal based solutions (Zalman CNPS types) do not necessarily cool the mosfets as well as vertical solutions. Also, what is your air flow inside your case (ambient temps?) High case temps lower the cooling affectiveness of cpu coolers (or at least mask the potential). If space permits, I would suggest a Zalman CNPS9700 or ThermalTake Big Typhoon with an adjustable 120mm fan.

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