Creative Zen Portable Media Center Review!

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    MP3 players have been around for a while now. The most recognized, of course, is the Apple iPod. And ever since then, we have had portable music players of all shapes and sizes. But why settle for just music when we are now entering a new era, the era of portable video players!

    Today, Marauderz takes a close look at the new Creative Zen Portable Media Center! Is it really as great as Creative Labs make it out to be? Can it really last 7 full hours playing high bitrate videos as Creative claims? Read on and find out!


    Link : Creative Zen Portable Media Center Review!
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    Well I don't like the fact that it has MS software but OK , let's say I can live with that . But the fact that it's got Media Player all over it and you can't even use it as a portable HDD is not acceptable in any way . I have a phone ( Nokia 5510 ) that has DRM and it just sucks but at least I can copy whatever I want , it just won't play it. Even if at first DRM seems something you can live with it really gets to you when you can't just copy an mp3 and listen to it on you portable mp3 player .
    So my advice stay away from MS and DRM . Microsoft could have just left DRM out but it chose to implement it . Still if this thing runs MS software than it has a good chance of making a good Linux box if anyone will hack it .
    By the way Nokia dropped the DRM for their latest models of phones since people didn't like it . Creative will do the same , I'm sure and you'll be able to find this model very cheap as nobody will want it anymore .
    That's all I had to say . :wave:

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