Dangerous Shampoo!! Banned By Dubai Government!!

Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Received yet another "Dangerous Shampoo!!" hoax mail. Check it out :

    Ooooohhhhhh... Scary! I almost peed my pants. Actually, I just drank too much water and it can be hard to hold it in when you are laughing. :haha: :haha:

    Seriously though, many who receive such an e-mail will believe enough of it to forward it to their friends and relatives. Some will probably rush to their bathrooms in sheer terror, to pour out their shampoo and everything with SLS inside. :nuts:

    Well, let me debunk this hoax with some common sense (is it really so lacking in the world these days???) and some basic scientific knowledge... Okay, some "Googling" skills too. :mrgreen:

    1. Dubai didn’t ban those shampoos. Dubai did ban shampoos, but they were all from China, India and Iran, and they were banned for containing Dioxane 1.4, not SLS. Read this :

    2. The person who wrote this is an idiot with perverse logic. SLS is used in floor cleaners as a “surfactant”. It doesn’t have any cleaning power, and neither is it caustic. Water is also used in floor cleaners. Does that mean we should not drink water?

    3. SLS is a potential microbicide, which means it can potentially inhibit and prevent infection by viruses like HPV, HIV. Does this now mean we should inject it into ourselves, or drink it?

    4. Obviously, Kurkure is not made from plastic. There is also no such report from the Times of India.

    5. PPA has been linked to an increased risk in haemorrhagic stroke in women, but it has not been banned in the US. You just can’t get it over the counter. A doctor must assess the risk and prescribe it to you.

    6. Unless cotton prices have shot up like crazy, it probably costs a lot more to recycle used cotton, which is why you don’t see any demand for used cotton. Also, any cotton that has been cleaned and bleached white is actually safe to reuse.

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