Defragmenters! Which do you recommend?

Discussion in 'General Software' started by zy, Sep 24, 2005.


Which Disk Degragmenter?

  1. Windows Built-In

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  2. Diskeeper

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  3. PerfectDisk

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  4. SpeedDisk

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  5. Others

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  6. dont defrag :P

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  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Drive spin down can be set in Windows or automatically done by the drive itself.
  2. sultan_emerr

    sultan_emerr Newbie

    Windows XP Built-In
  3. Willieboy

    Willieboy Newbie

    O&O defrag.

    O&O Software - Creating Solutions

    I've tried diskeeper and Perfect Disk, O&O is supreme.
    5 modes of defragging,
    From the help :-
    O&O Defrag 10 offers you five different methods of defragmenting your computer:


    · SPACE

    · COMPLETE/Access

    · COMPLETE/Modified

    · COMPLETE/Name

    Each of these methods offers you an efficient and quick online defragmentation of your files, i.e., no service or application must be paused or stopped whilst the defragmentation takes place. STEALTH and SPACE are optimized for the fastest possible defragmentation of your files, whereas the COMPLETE methods provide a more thorough defragmentation. This requires more time and more free hard disk space. By re-arranging your files to use the available space as efficiently as possible, further fragmentation is avoided.

    All methods can be used on all volumes, including volume sets, stripe sets with and without parity, etc., and are equipped for best possible data security. This is achieved by working together with the defragmentation routines integrated into Windows, and makes sure that data are not lost in your computer or network crashes, or if there is a power cut.
  4. g0tanks

    g0tanks Newbie

    O&O Defrag
  5. acedriver

    acedriver Newbie

    right now I'm using JKDefrag
  6. graysky

    graysky ARP Reviewer

    +1 for jkdefrag and jkdefrag64
  7. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

  8. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    No haven't tried it :think:

    THX for the link :)
  9. Digerati

    Digerati Newbie

    I've used both O & O and Diskeeper, and I've liked Diskeeper more. I think it does the job more efficiently.
  10. mikegas

    mikegas Newbie

    Hmm ... mobile drive are more robust then that of desktop. I know almost all mobile drives come with a feature where by the head would park off media during spin-up and idling. I do not think would cause you extra when buying laptop as now is a common feature. And Yes this would indeed help during non-operation shock that might causes head-slap and of course some power saving.

    As in why mobile drive are more robust, because of the usage profile on notebook and external portable. They are design to have vibration sensors build into the board. If there is sudden vibration caused to the drive, then the write to media would be delay, this would prevent potential data corruption or weak magnetic signal written.

    Yes you are correct when magnetic media is a thin film on the platter. Not only magnetic media is affect during head-slap, head degrade and debris would also shorten the life-span of drive.

    So a little vibration to your drive is ok but a shock (drop) especially during operation is a no no .. ;)

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    Windows Built-in Defragmenter is doing fine for me. ;)
  12. g0tanks

    g0tanks Newbie

    It does the job but it's so slooooooow :p

    CALLOFDUTY05 Newbie

    Yeah but i generally don't keep too much files on my HDD.Only drives with OS'es needs defragment because i regularly back-up my softwares & data onto DVD-Rs & format those drives after emptying them.So, only 2 OS drives need defragment which don't take much time for me. ;)
  14. iModAMD

    iModAMD Newbie

    Personaly i would recommand O&O Defrag ;) You have alot of modes with this defrag
  15. Unixlord

    Unixlord Newbie

    Besides your regular defrag tool it is handy to have defraggler as well for occassions when you may only need to defrag a selection of files.
  16. slugbug

    slugbug Newbie

    I use Diskeeper 2008. :thumb:
  17. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Me too. Although some people claim it makes things worse.
  18. Zenphic

    Zenphic Newbie

    I don't have money to buy Diskeeper. Freeware ftw lol
    BTW, do you guys use that feature in Diskeeper where it defrags in the background? Some other defrag software say that it causes useless strain on the hard drive and that it doesn't work too well.
  19. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, well, as far as I can see, there's not much of a benefit. It still gets fragmented over time and you will still need to do a manual defrag.
  20. lee_what2004

    lee_what2004 Just Started

    what you guys use for jk, the action?
    analyze and defragment, analyze and fast optimization or other settings? :mrgreen:

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