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    On your website I read the information about the "new" book "Breaking Through the Bios Barrier". I bought a copy via Amazon, but when it arrived, I was disappointed to see that it was copyrighted in 2005, with a lot of the information relating to machines earlier than that. Obviously in the world of technology, that's "ancient history" already. Although some things haven't changed, it was obviously written before the dominance of SATA drives, PCIe slots, etc. :cry:

    But, since I understood that buying the book gave me 3 months of free access to the current BOG online, I didn't worry... until I tried the URL in the book. It said that this offer had expired. OK, so I paid my $10.00 for 3 months via Paypal 2-3 days ago. However, I haven't heard anything since. The website is clearly out of date by at least 5 years and now paying my money illicits no response. Should I be concerned? :?

    I build computers and this information would be extremely helpful to me. Help!!

  2. Adrian Wong

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    Hello Sam,

    Can you please PM me your details of your subscription? I will look into it.

    As for the online version, you can rest assured it's been updated since the release of the book. You can take a look at the free version, which covers over 445 BIOS settings.
  3. Sam1942

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    How do you PM or email a response? I don't see an option to do that.
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  5. Adrian Wong

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    Hello Sam,

    I think we just sent you the login info yesterday. I apologize for the delay - I was travelling to Australia and couldn't get access to the Internet for a while.

    In any case, we always start the subscription on the date of activation, so you don't have to worry about losing out on the time.

    Please do let us know if you have not received the login info.


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