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    I have an existing areca 1110 raid card with 2x36gb raptors, 1x 250gb sata hitachi drive

    and will be aquiring the 320 -2x with scsi drives. Or shall i get a normal host scsi card

    I am interested to put both in my K8we system. As both are using the PCI-X slot, will it affect the speed of each raid card?

    Whats the drive configuration that is recommned? I play mainly games, design stuff-cad, 3dmax, listen to music, dvd and every things else

    My plan setup after reading the nice long articles on pagefile
    OS - scsi hdd (36gb)
    Pagefile - scsi hdd (think it is recommended to be as fast as the OS hdd)
    sata raid - running games
    Applications/ Programs - scsi hdd (36-74gb)
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