ED#111 : Checked Your CD-Rs Lately?

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    1TB last time I got already full :wall:
    well, yeah, searching is much easier :D
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    ED#111 : Checked Your CD-Rs Lately? Rev. 3.1

    In the past, hard disk drives were small (in capacity) and costly. To make up for the lack of affordable storage, many turned to CD-Rs. As it became common to store backups and personal pictures, videos, etc. on CD-Rs, the lifespan of these discs became a concern.

    According to manufacturers, CD-Rs should last for decades. Some even quoted an upper limit of 120 years based on accelerated aging tests! That sure is a long time, isn't it? But will CD-Rs really last that long?

    In this update, we added 70 additional CD-Rs mostly dating from 1999 and 2003, and revised the article to reflect the updated results.


    Link : ED#111 : Checked Your CD-Rs Lately? Rev. 3.1

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