ED#172 : Intel Xeon "Haswell Refresh" CPU Details Leaked

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    Here are the details of the upcoming "Haswell Refresh" of the Intel Xeon E3-1200 v3 series of processors. As is well known by now, Intel has decided to delay their "Tick" - the 14 nm die shrink, and introduce a refresh of the Intel Haswell processors instead, starting with the desktop models and followed by the workstation models.

    While these "Haswell Refresh" models have new model numbers, they are no different from the current Haswell processors. There are some changes in the position and number of capacitors at the bottom of the processor package, but the only real change is a slightly faster clock speed. They will therefore replace (not supplement) the current Haswell processors, although they will co-exist until stocks of the older models are exhausted.


    Link : ED#172 : Intel Xeon "Haswell Refresh" CPU Details Leaked
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