ED#182 : Why Are Apple iPhones So Expensive?

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    Whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, it has become inevitable for rabid Apple and Android fans to trade barbs in a childish display of fandom rivalry. In the past few days, Facebook and blogs have been replete with taunts and jeers on both sides. It was not good enough that they didn't like the rival platform, they had to make sure the other side knew how much they hated their platform.

    Arguably the most vitriolic opinion that Android fans have about the Apple users was that they are all rich idiots who are getting fleeced by Apple into paying a ridiculously high price for the iPhones especially since they are using "dated" hardware or "older technology".

    Well, we are not going to go into why Apple iPhones are not using "dated" hardware or "older technology" in this editorial, but we are going to address this perception that Apple users are stupid for paying so much money for a smartphone.


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