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    What's it all about?
    This is a section to get to know the forumers -- that's right, we mean you. Other forums are topic-specific; here, we'd like to get to know the individuals (geeks, rebels, genuises, .. you name it) who inhabit the halls of ARP. ;)

    In here, you'll basically find three things:
    1. Interviews
    2. Perpetual(TM), topical threads
    3. Announcements of/Discussions about upcoming events

    How does it work?
    This is a 'chain-interview'. After each interview, the interviewee picks someone (who has not been featured yet) to interview. The next person then picks another. And so on!

    In picking the person to interview, one should either pick someone you know a bit about (so you know what questions to ask him/her) or pick someone you're curious about. Remember, the purpose is to get to know people!

    Each thread is dedicated to a single interview. Once the interview has been posted, it's open to everyone to reply/comment/ask further questions.

    We would like to target for one interview per week. Deadline: Sunday, 12 a.m.!

    How to?
    Step One: Get through your own interview first! :thumb:
    Step Two: Grab the Spotlight Questions Template (Attached. Make sure you get the latest version)
    Step Three: Choose your target errr.... I mean, interviewee-buddy!
    Step Four: Run through questions, add more where suitable.
    Step Five: (recommended) Email/send list to interviewee for first round of answers.
    Step Six: Go through the list one by one, real time over IM, Skype, PM, or even over a cuppa! ;) Whatever suits you both.
    Step Seven: Post! Remember, target is to post your interview by Sunday of the week allotted. You may post earlier, if you wish. :lol:

    The rules
    • A person who has already been interviewed shall not be interviewed again until/unless a new 'round' is declared (not very likely). If you have further questions about a previous interviewee, feel free to post in the thread.
    • Interviewee reserves the right not to answer a question, particularly if sensitive/personal. (Play nice, folks!)
    • At the same time, interviewee sporting a bit lah! (Although with this crowd, that's not something to be worried about, I think. :thumb: )

    A forums would not be complete without Perpetual (fill_in_the_blank) threads. Examples of these are
    1. The Perpetual Couples Thread - Where forumer can post pictures of themselves and their significant other.
    2. The Perpetual Birthdays Thread - Where you can send birthday greetings to the birthday person of the day (as indicated in the calendar -- don't forget to add your birthday!)

    From time to time, there will be announcements of upcoming ARP events. Watch this space!

    That's it! (For now.) Any suggestions/questions, let's hear it! :arp:

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