Explain these bad grades!

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    From: Imgur - Explain these bad grades!


    As I have formerly worked in the education line, nowadays, at most times, we academic and support staffs would get told off if students didn't do well in school. :faint: :whistle:
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    Because people tend to get dumber by the generation? Too many rules, too many restrictions and less politeness. I think. But some parents give up on teaching their kids how to behave. Maybe too much technology?
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    Yeah, nowadays academic institutions like colleges have to do a lot of things to accomodate the students.

    In my former institute, even the lecturers must have to prepare mandatory instructional videos to the intranet for the students. The strange thing is, the students are already watching these videos off Youtube and they have more documentaries and guides to follow than the college provided one. :o
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    This is quite true. That's why more and more students are getting undeserved As... it makes them (and their parents) feel good but it gives them a false sense of accomplishment. They will regret this later in life.... :(
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    Hmm... so apparently I am doing things wrong. Should have gone to school and slam my daughter's form teacher, lol :haha::haha::haha:
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